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We can not overcome this little girl! Blac Chyna Make Sure Daughters Dream Kardashian’s first Halloween is special. The baby girl is almost a year old and she is growing up before us. Chy determines her only daughter is swinging Halloween Costumes Outlet in the most possible way – with three different costumes!
This baby has experienced a lot of the first time recently. Her ears were pierced before her first visit to the zoo with his father, Rob Kardashian, and it was obvious that although Rob and Chy ended the bad conditions, they were all together jobs.

According to the “U.S. Weekly” reported that the average parent assigned the custody of the baby girl, Rob needs to pay 20,000 US dollars a month in support payments. Chyna’s attorney Lisa Bloom said in a statement: “Chyna is pleased that Rob has agreed to live with her with her, as she always demanded.

Although the guardianship seems to have been made clear, the drama must have existed in other parts of her ex-husband’s life. Earlier this month, Rob claimed that he was abused by Chy under different circumstances. The source told TMZ that a drunken high Chyna had hit Rob and Rob just defended himself. Kardashian’s lawyer Shawn Holley told the media: “We have eyewitness testimony and other evidence that proves to be corroborating evidence of Kenana rather than Rob – violent and aggressive perpetrators .


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