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It’s hard to believe that Halloween is a week ago. If you have a quail egg at home, you may still have a lot of candy.

But before packing these clothes, now is a good time to give them a second chance!

Consider donating to children in need

You can throw your gentle use of clothing to the family without resources.

Check with local community centers, non-profit organizations or shelters to see if they like them.

Turn to online second-hand shop

Or platforms like Poshmark and ThredUP have high standards for what you submit, and you can earn a few dollars from expensive clothing that sometimes only wears a few pieces of clothing.

Social media is also a quick way to connect

The Facebook Marketplace is another great place to shop for clothing or handmade creative items.

A good time to post this content is after October, just before Halloween.

Bottom line: Before you push it into the closet or try to throw it into the trash can, you can consider a better place to pass them.

For more help and information, please visit here.


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