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Gardiner is preparing to celebrate the most horrific festival of the year, with three Halloween-themed events produced by the city and an event by the Gardena-Carson Family YMCA starting this week. In addition, at least once the church held a harvest festival on the October 31 calendar.

On Friday, October 26, the Zhonggang Community Center will host the annual Halloween Ball. From 6 pm to 9 pm, children aged 12 and under can dance to pre-recorded music in their favorite Halloween costumes. In addition, a clothing competition will be held to show the children their most creative costumes.

Community Center Coordinator Pauline Moses said that if it wasn’t slightly larger than last year’s event, the dance should be the same.

“We expect 100 to 150 children to participate in the event,” Moses said. “Last year we had 100 children [to join the ball.]”

The cost of attending a Halloween ball is $3. No, children who don’t want to wear clothing don’t have to.

With the arrival of the Halloween dance, Halloween will be held on Wednesday night on Wednesday, October 31 at the parks in Freeman Park and Raleigh Park.

This event will include candy, costume contests, haunted houses, haunted labyrinths, food and snacks.

The third event is unique to Rowley Park and is part of the Halloween event. The event is known as the Clown Confusion, which includes many of the facilities for other Halloween events, but there are also crafts activities and gatherings of scary and fun clowns that interact with customers.

The Gardena-Carson Family Christian Youth Club will host a carnival to celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 26th at 5:30 pm.

According to Dora Gonzalez of the Gardena-Carson family YMCA, the carnival will include sports games such as cake decoration, corn hole games, math games and skipping. A parade will also be held to let the children show off their costumes.


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