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Before you know, Halloween is at the corner. This year, ready to see a lot of wearing “power game” characters, miracle women, and even (but hope not) “sexy” false news.

However, if you are fanatical fans of Cheap Halloween Costumes, you may want to consider this terrible four-legged “stilts”.

Designed by Ms. Melissa Irwin in 2014, last year, clothing first attracted the eye of INSIDER, when we showed more than 44 million views and 625,000 shares on Facebook with current viral video.

In the video, Irwin put her “stilts” clothing on her around, walking in the day and night. Of course, some children fled, others take pictures, there is a brave soul, even the biological four legs, but also angry pets.

Owen, debut of handmade Halloween costumes on YouTube in 2010, and an Etsy page where you can download tutorials on how to create “Stilts”.

While the tutorial will only get you back to $ 10, the material you need for this dress is cheap. To start, you will need drywall stilts, medical crutches and stilts – but the cost alone will be as high as $ 200.

You also need some basic handicrafts such as foam, fabric and hot glue gun.


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