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Neiman Marcus is reorienting its business plan to more focused on promoting its full range of stores. However, this focus must come from somewhere, and the company has announced that it is closing its 10 Last Call offshore stores. At present, these stores employ 241 people.

Dallas’s physical retailer, Neiman Marcus, is the parent company of Last Call. The final call has been under pressure recently because it announced in July that it was reviewing its strategy of determining its combination of online and physical entities – of course, these combinations represent a combination of customer needs and needs.

After the last round of the closing, only 37 last Call Stores.

“This decision is about new ways to optimize Halloween Costumes Outlet our Last Call store portfolio to provide the best customer service and release resources to support our full line of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman channels,” said Elizabeth Allison, Senior Vice President of Last Call. Is investing in the advantages of our clear leadership as a high-end luxury retail industry. ”

With more Last Call’s location, Neiman Marcus said it would be better off the rest of the store out of the rival’s low-priced store version. The theory behind this strategy will see fewer locations, pushing more unique inventory to each, rather than filling each inventory into an export-specific material.

The company said that by reducing the Last Call store, it will really be able to distinguish its non-price products.

The company added that 241 employees in these stores will receive severance payments based on service life and will be treated as Neiman Marcus Group’s other positions.

Retailers also announced the expansion of their online stores. Earlier this year, the high-end department store opened a new location in Fort Worth, Texas, and is currently building its first New York City in New York City, located in the western Hudson Terminal Development Zone.


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