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Three suspicious thieves ranches wholesale clothing manufacturers in Covina Wednesday, with cash, Wholesale Halloween Costumes, clothing wings and toilet paper and other accessories.

Their luck was gone when their two sport utility vehicles left the area and pulled them over.

Covina police Trevor Gauter estimates that officers recovered $ 5,200 worth of properties from RG apparel and accessories.

In addition to two SUVs, he said the police also found an empty stolen van, may or may not be used in theft.

RG clothing and accessories company according to manager Kathy Ybarra’s argument, did not recover everything stolen.

Covina police suspects steal burglling burglling burglling burglling burglling burglary burglery burglery burglery theft theft theft theft theft first at 1:19 am last night at a North Lighthouse Parked in the park.

Gail said the suspects were back up to the complex of a unit that rolled up the door, triggering an alarm.

He said thieves into the unit, but empty-handed fled. He said the police believed the alarm was intimidated by the suspect.

According to Gaumer, people who are renting this unit are called police officers and show surveillance videos to police officers. Caught on the camera is the suspects of two dark sport utility vehicles, GMC Yukon and Ford expedition team.

Gail said that later inspecting an officer in the area was on the avenue and on the highway of the arrow, when he saw two SUVs that met the escape car description. The vehicle was pulled out of the parking lot and the subsequent staff requested a backup.

Suspects stop at San Bernardino Road and Avenue Gas Station.

Goldman said the officer saw two SUV suspects talk to each other. Left a car

The police pulled the SUV in different places. Gail said the car was equipped with a pile of Halloween costumes. He estimated the police found in the Yukon area worth $ 2,900 stolen goods, expedition items worth about $ 2,300.

Officials found clothing and other items from RG clothing 726 Arrow Grand Circle. The business is close to Arrow Highway and Grand Avenue.

According to Ybarra, the thief went to the upstairs showroom and took a sample of clothing from the hanger. They fled the accessories and shoes.

She said the thief robbed the office. According to Ybarra, they also stole cash, documents, scissors, microwave ovens, fans and bags with toilet paper.

“It’s very, very random,” she said stolen items.

The 29-year-old policeman arrested Carlos Mossko, 29-year-old Elmont, Darcy Corona, El Monte, David Farardo, 47-year-old Raymond Chulardo, suspected of burglary.

The police also restored the stolen area of ​​the North Doris Worth Avenue 800.

Gail said: “There is no occupation, nor any suspicious stolen property.

Three suspects in the Covina prison are still being held. According to the booking record, Moscow Cable is in the $ 25,000 bail, Bulgarian bail $ 50,000, Corona deposit of $ 130,000.

Gail said that Corona was also arrested, but he did not have details about the warrant.

Moscow Cable, Yulardo and Corona Friday will file a lawsuit at the High Court of West Covina.


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