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Babies at Advocate Children’s Hospital NICU enter the spirit of Halloween with a lovely costume contest on Tuesday.

The annual tradition of holding two campuses at Oak Lawn and Park Ridge Chicago Suburban Hospital is a collaborative effort between neonatal ICU nurses, children’s life specialists and patients’ families.

Infants who advocate Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital fall into the spirits of Halloween.

Paula Glass, NICU’s clinical manager at Advocate Children’s Hospital, told HuffPost that “nurses work with their families to help them spend special holidays with them during NICU’s hospital stay.

She added: “Halloween is one of our favorite festivals, as it is often referred to as the vacation most children enjoy.” In the past few years, nurses helped families celebrate this by helping them dress or decorate their crib all. ”

Advocacy Children’s Hospital Paula Glass said: “Nurses and their families work together to help them spend a special holiday for them while NICU is hospitalized.

Hospital staff voted to choose their favorite costume, the winner received the gift basket. The public relations team also shared Halloween baby photos.

Glass tells HuffPost that Cheap Halloween Costumes is one of the “first” milestones for newborn babies.

She explained: “Their first Halloween was special, and unfortunately, because they were still hospitalized, they could not enjoy celebrations like the children in their families.” So it was a way for families to participate in Halloween, Almost “cheat” to share photos with family and friends. ”

Advocacy for Children’s Hospital “This is a way for families to participate in Halloween, almost cheating and sharing photos with family and friends,” explains Glass.

Grass said the hospital’s social media posts also give families relatives the chance to see their Neonatal ICU Halloween celebrations and provide supportive advice.

“Let the family know that other people care about them and wish them well.” “Having a baby in a neonatal intensive care unit is stressful, and I think it helps the family feel a bit happy,” she said.

Advocacy Children’s Hospital Public Relations team also shared Cheap Halloween Costumes baby photos.

It is invaluable to inject some fun and happiness into the daily anxiety of the neonatal intensive care unit. Halloween activities are also family creative and baby-related situations.

“We hope parents in the NICU feel a little bit normal and happy in a stressful atmosphere,” said the glass, and the celebration also provided parents with the opportunity to create some special moments with children and celebrated The first milestone. “


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