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After a woman smashed her car window, a Chicago woman spent the Christmas time searching for trash and taking away what she called a “priceless treasure.”

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On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, five handmade Polish national costumes were stolen from a wicker park car in a robbery and robbery.

Owners Marlena Dzis said five pieces of Wholesale Halloween Costumes, each made of beads and embroidery, are hard to replace.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes
“They are very gorgeous, they’re hand-sewn in Poland and for me it’s very special,” Dzis said.

Each piece of clothing represents a different area of ​​Poland. They borrowed from The Lira Ensemble, a professional performing arts company specializing in Polish music, song and dance. Dzis is a choir singer.

Her car was taken down at 1400 in Wicker Park Avenue. She worked with pawnshops, resale shops and check trash bins. Dzis even followed a garbage truck to a landfill.

“He said.” Honestly, if thrown away, your chances will be one in a million, “Dzis said.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

She has a performance this weekend, hoping they will appear before that.

“It’s very sad that someone steals something that represents your culture, your legacy and your family,” Dzis said.


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