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Gentle Meg, wayward Joe, delicate Beth, pretty Amy – the little sister’s March sister, for “Who are you?” As the “Sex and the City” character, which must make Louisa It’s a bit scary to adapt to the new audience with classic adult stories by Louisa May Alcott.

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“There’s a recovery every 10 or 20 years, something like that can get a little headache – you think everyone will compare it with what’s before,” the Cheap Halloween Costumes designer behind the new mini-drama based on this book Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh said.

Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh read the book to her daughter when she designed Cheap Halloween Costumes for her daughters at the Dublin Doral Theater in 2011 and is very familiar with the BBC story. She said: “The four girls are very much in love with their mothers, and they are real individuals.” It’s really just a matter of trying to get the character out of the garment. ”

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She uses the clothing to expand each girl’s personality traits. The oldest Meg is the most suitable sister. “Her figure is very much like a doll – there are a lot of blouses under her skirt,” Scarlet Hot Beth “is a person who does not perform any kind of show.” Amy, spoiled baby family “is the one Woman, always so feminine, and happy to be wearing a real gorgeous silk dress after getting married.

Jo, Alcott himself, and Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, play the role of “easiest”: “There’s always the cunning quality she’s not wearing pants – it’s stupid – but her dress is looking It may be slightly lim lim. It just allows her to run and climb the tree. “Her clothing has become more mature as she works in New York. “I want to convey the feeling that one is aware of the more literary and artistic environment.”

The biggest challenge in the project is the growth of characters. “From the point of view of apparel, there has been a big development in the role … We see girls turning young, school-going teenagers into young women trying to get out of their lives.

Many Cheap Halloween Costumes are described directly in Elcote’s text. “The story is only given and given, which is a dream job from a garments perspective,” says Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh. “Sometimes you are touching the wall and thinking about ‘My God, who is this person, what are we going to do’, and the little woman always tells you who they are, where they are walking, and you Only need to work hard to respect that. ”

Prior to The Little Woman, Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh acted as DSI Stella Gibson of Gillian Anderson in Fall, and in 2008 adapted Brideshead Revisited and others. Most of her time theater work focused on “little women” earlier than the American Civil War. She and her team make 90% of the costumes for the main actors and find it unlikely that the rest of the Italian boutiques will be available. “The Italians did a lot of movies in the 1860s, and thankfully, we were able to find garments that fit in Concord, Mass. It was fantastic.”

The fashion of this era, well documented in books and magazines, documents the wartime spirit of women – “a bit like the report of reading British women in World War II because of the mentality of patching and patching,” Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh said. Crinolines are very popular, but she mostly avoids these “cumbersome” layers because March girls work and housework.

“The girls have a little wardrobe, they wear the same clothes and make their own clothes, and making things is very important to me.”

At least some design today still makes sense. The two Victorian-style coats Hawk had put on her, including the wax-cotton design of her clothing team in New York. She said: “I can imagine she looks good today in New York today, wearing jeans and one of these Victorian coats, wandering around New York.” I love Maya’s reaction to it. “


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