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Fashion Trends for This Winter 2022

The Fashion week showed us that next winter is full of trends that will delight our hearts, and I came to talk a little about some today. Take advantage and write down the trends that most have to do with your style, and that you will undoubtedly wear in winter 2022.


One of the coolest trends that makes us go back a little bit and feel that nostalgia is Y2K Fashion, which is nothing but the fashion of the late 90’s catching the early 2000’s. era?

There was a lot of low waist, mini skirts, cropped tops, ankle boots, baguette bags, glitter, metallics, lots of accessories, jeans, different hairstyles and much more. You can get an idea from the photo above of the girls from the music group Destiny’s Child, where Queen Beyoncé came from.

So that’s it, the thing is to bet on low-waisted jeans, overlays, oversized coats, rhinestones, glitters, various accessories and keep that look of the girls in the movies we grew up watching.


Another winter 2022 trend for you to bet on is monochromatic looks, that is, one color only. It looks really cool, and depending on the pieces, it’s very elegant. Of course it depends on your style.

Bet on vibrant colors, there’s no way not to stand out using a monochromatic look, it undoubtedly represents a lot of personality, boldness and style. A tip is to use different textures of the same color, it gives a super valued look.


Ever heard of the Tweed trend? If you follow fashion shows, you know that Chanel loves to launch this style of set in their collections, but nowadays many other names in the fashion industry are betting on this trend. The Tweed set has the wool fabric that is very soft and flexible and is the perfect look to feel more powerful and elegant at the same time.

This winter 2022 you can bet without fear, not only on sets but also on other types of pieces such as jackets, skirts, mini dresses, pants, coats and much more. Chanel, for example, in this last fashion week, dedicated almost its entire collection to Tweed, so you already know that it’s not to be left out!


One of the trends for winter 2022 that I like the most is tailoring. Some brands at the fashion week bet everything on suits, from the soberest colors to those with vibrant colors. Tailoring refers to Power, it is the perfect look for businesswomen. You can use it for a work meeting or for that important event at night.

One of the highlights on the catwalk of this trend was the chalk stripe fabric models, which are very charming and elegant. In the past, in Europe, they were seen as banker’s clothes, and with time they have left aside, but now they’re back with everything!

Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is still on the rise in winter 2022, it is a piece that won the hearts of many people, especially famous ones, such as Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, among others. This piece is known for being a fluffy and voluminous coat, which makes you warm and stylish.

In addition to being super comfortable, you can wear them with monochromatic looks, and also in color blocking, you can assemble casual looks, and also more elegant. And of course, it’s a trend for all ages and styles.

Wool Dress

The Wool dresses are also a great bet for winter 2022, and of course they could not be left out, as this type of fabric is perfect for colder seasons, as it is so warm and comfortable.

You can find shorter and longer models, and they make any look more elegant. You can bet on ankle boots as in the photo, but also on heeled sandals, which give a more chic touch. For those very cold days, you can put a scarf over it, it is perfect and very stylish.


And to finish, I also want to talk about the corsets, which is another bet of winter 2022. This is a piece that every woman should have, because it makes us sexier and more feminine, helping to make our curves more visible. In the past, this piece was used a lot, with time it was left a little aside, and nowadays it has returned with everything to the closet of fashionistas.

Gothic Bustiers Corsets Satin Boned Lace Up Overbust Bridal Bodysuit

The corset is perfect for those who want to be tidy but without exaggeration, because it is an outfit with a lot of presence, which combines with many different styles, from the most daring, to the most discreet.

To make it look like winter, a tip is to wear your corset with a puffer jacket on top, and to look even more stylish, bet on cargo pants, which are also super trendy.

Now tell me, which of these trends will you join? I confess that I love them all, and I already want one piece of each in my closet!


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