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6 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2022

Finally, it’s spring, although some of us are still wearing warm jackets and coats, the weather is changing so fast during this time. I’m pretty sure in a week or two we’ll all be having sunny weather outside. Birds are chirping, bold trees finally turn green and bright again, the warm wind blows pink blossom petals from a cherry tree, the sun shines in your face… Uh. I’m so ready for it! But every time I’m thinking about the weather going warmer, I’m also wondering if my wardrobe is ready for spring and even summer. I had enough of 2019-2021 when because of corona and other things most of the time I was at home or was going to a grocery store in a ”whatever” outfit. We all are tired of it, so 2022 will be the most stylish by now, it’s time to shine again!

Let’s learn about trends for spring and summer 2022. I found this season there are a lot of cool new trends and throwbacks from the past we forgot about. It feels so fun to wear something that was popular when you were younger, so couldn’t wear, although you wanted it as a child, so now as a grown ups we can do it. I chose for you the most practical trends from catwalks. And it won’t be hard to find in your local stores or at your favorite online shop. In this list everything you need to know to be the main fashionista this season.


One of the most unusual, but still quite wearable for daily life if cut-outs in the right places. If you go to the party, you may choose the clothing item with cuts in more interesting places. Examples below on the photo.

Definitely one of my favorites from trends for 2022. I would call it ”the hottest new trend for summer”.

Bulky bags

The most practical and comfortable trend for wearing. I think we all missed a trend like this. I was literally dreaming about the time it’ll happen again. We all were so tired of small bags everywhere in the summer 2021. Yes, they are cute, but you can’t fit anything in them. The only thing that was saving us carrying a tote bag in small bags and taking it off when you going shopping or need something to carry. Now we finally could carry everything we need in our favorite main bag.

Lime green

If to speak about trendy colors, there are a few options like Barbie’s favorite hot pink, also lavender, and light yellow are trending. But definitely, the main color of 2022 is lime green and I’m so happy about it! The world needs brightness and some color right now. 


Another throwback we forgot about. One of my favorites for 80’s-00’s kids. Back in early – middle 00’s all Barbies were wearing dresses and tops with halternecks. In childhood many of us had the top like this and for most of 00’s kids that top was the one you couldn’t stop wearing. Definitely one of the hottest trends of the past that needed comeback for the hottest days of summer.

LORENA Halterneck Satin Midi Dress
LORENA Halterneck Satin Midi Dress


Throwback trend we all remember and were terrified it will come back. This trend everyone is scared of is back for 2022 and might decide to stay for a few years. But looking at examples of low-rise skirts and pants that designers want us to wear, we could see if to choose the right size and combine withe clothes it looks good with, it won’t look anything as that early 00’s nightmare we had. Now, this looks fresh, trendy and sexy!


The trend we needed but didn’t know about it. You can wear net basically with anything, in different situations, with clothes of a different style. It super transforms any outfit in something more creative and unusual. Do you feel like your outfit is boring? Add net to it! It may be a long net dress you can wear on a basic dress or you can even combine it with a pair of pants and a top. The net jackets or vests are must-have for all fashion lovers during summer 2022.

What are your favourite trends for spring / summer 2022? Would you wear old trends that are coming back?


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