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Winter Olympics Game began last week in Beijing. Since then, there has been fierce competition between the world’s best athletes and no, we are not only talking about sports. We are referring to Olympic fashion. During the Opening Ceremony at the iconic stadium that was built for the 2008 Summer games, it was a spectacular affair with 91 nations parading the color of their flag and traditional costumes. There was an array of colorful ensembles, some traditional and others featuring a combination of fashion and functionality when the weather temperature dropped to well below zero.

If you have TikTok, you would know that many athletes have been taking to this app to show their country’s uniforms. Below are some of the standout looks from athletes of the participating nations who are making a statement on the Olympic fashion front.

Team China

The Chinese national team’s uniform was designed by the Academy Award winning costume designer, Tim Yip.  Known as the famous Champion Dragon Clothes, this year’s uniforms for 12 teams in 15 events are manufactured by ANTA. The collections are named Lucky Snow and Cloud, Great Landscape and Flying Snow in Tang Dynasty. Pretty awesome!

Team Italy

Team Italy’s green, white and red capes and striking blue pants and jackets were designed by none other than Italian designer, Giorgio Armani! 

Team Sweden

Team Sweden is being dressed by Uniqlo for the Olympics.  The garments are designed to focus on perspiration and body temperature control using special russet mesh material and other innovations. The uniforms were made with sustainable materials and such as a warming technology for the hybrid jackets.

Team Germany

Adidas is the uniform supplier for the German team.  By re-interpreting the flag colors, the design is to infuse optimism into the pursuit of sports history and personal wellbeing. s

Team USA

Ralph Lauren is continuing its iconic partnership with the US national team. The designer debuted as an Olympic outfitter 14 years ago at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing so this collaboration is particularly significant. The athelete’s unisex wardrobe includes trending anoraks and puffer jackets with checkered fleece print.

Team Canada

Team Canada’s uniform is created by the Vancouver-based athleisure giant Lululemon in monochrome uniforms that alternate between all-red and all-off-white.

Team Finland

Team Finland’s uniforms are in the color gray, visor beanies, and pleated skirts.  Nice?

Team Great Britain

Team Great Britain’s look is the most casual of them all. Designed by designer Ben Sherman, Team Britain wore the Union Jack loud and proud. 


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