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One of the pieces of clothing that I have the most in my closet is undoubtedly coats of different styles, and one of my favorites is the jacket! As we know, there are many different types of jackets, from denim to leather jackets, but after all, which jacket styles are all the rage in 2022?

Puffer Jacket

The Puffer Jacket is one of the darlings of the season, it came with everything in 2021 and remained in 2022 as well. When she started showing up in stores, I was already looking forward to buying one for myself, and when I finally got one in light brown, I wanted to go everywhere with her.

This jacket is perfect for those who like a more casual and warm look, as well as giving a super stylish touch to the look. Many celebrities are fans of this trend and are always parading with their Puffer jackets.

And you can use it with everything! Jeans, tailored pants, and dresses, among others, and of course, they can also be used for a walk, a restaurant, a cafeteria, an event that asks for a more relaxed look, and even for the gym, everything will depend on your style.

Puffer Jacket
Puffer Jacket

Dopamine Fashion

Dopamine fashion came with everything with its vibrant colors, and of course, the jackets could not be left out of this one. Let’s see jackets in one color, or even with some detail in a very flashy and daring color.

This style is for those who have a strong personality and love to play with fashion, it’s a trend that came to take away the idea that in winter you can only use cold and neutral colors.

As in the photo above, this style of jacket looks beautiful on those who love to abuse colors and accessories, making the look fun and stylish, but also for those people who like to put a colorful piece over a more neutral look, which makes it very charming too.

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Jeans Jacket

The Jeans Jacket is that joker piece that everyone should have in their closet because jeans go well with everything and you can assemble it from a stripped look to a more tidy look.

This piece is definitely for all tastes and styles, and there is no one in the world who doesn’t like a denim jacket. , I confess that I have some in my collection. The denim jacket can be used in several seasons, such as autumn, as it is a piece that does not heat up so much, on cooler days, when there is a slight cold wind, it can be used calmly.

You can also bet on the denim and denim combination, which is one of my favorites. The tip is to use the two jeans of a wash as similar as possible, it will be perfect! There’s no mystery when it comes to composing looks with jeans, since it’s a very versatile piece that goes with everything.

College Jacket

Of course, Jacket College would not be left out! This trend made a comeback in fall/winter 2022, and as you can see in the photo above, this piece of clothing gets its name because it is just like the jackets that students wear in schools and universities.

And it was without a doubt a great idea to bring this piece of clothing so comfortable to our everyday looks. The good news is that you can combine it with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe, such as jeans for example, which look very beautiful and stylish.

I think it’s beautiful when the person wears a college jacket a little bigger so that it has a looser fit, as if they had borrowed the jacket from their boyfriend. This is a great styling trick, and it’s worth a try.


The overcoat, which is more of a coat, is another type of piece that cannot be missing from our closet, and this very darling among the famous. It’s a coat style that makes you more elegant, stylish and even increases your self-esteem.

You can put together more elegant looks, for a date, for example, or for work, but you can also compose more casual looks, with jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers, as you can see Hailey Bieber wearing in the photo above.

Fashionistas on duty go crazy with this piece so full of charm and presence, in addition, you can bet on more sober colors if that’s your taste, but also on more vibrant colors, in addition to different fabrics, such as leather for example.

Now I want to hear from you which of these trends you liked the most. I confess that in my case there are all the options, I’m passionate about overlays and I can’t live without them, except on hot summer days.

I hope you liked the tips, and if you have a jacket trend that you don’t have yet, look for it in department stores, because the price is cheaper and you’ll find beautiful pieces!


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