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The Hottest Wedding Season Trends for Bride's Dress

Brides’ wedding gowns are normally long and pretty with some lace or floral design. Nowadays, there are even brides’ gowns trends that will blow your mind with its beauty.

These are some women who don’t want to divert from the traditional long wedding gown, and that’s totally okay! We all have our preferences, how we want to look on our special day. However, it’s fair to say that you must take a look at these bridal gowns that might spark your interest:

1. Ethereal Dress

An ethereal and fairy-like dress is a young girl`s dream dress. Do you remember getting a long blanket, wrapping it around your waist, and pretending to be a beautiful princess?

This chiffon dress will make your dreams come through with its floor length and sweetheart neckline design.

2. Mini Dresses

Even up to now, it`s not very common to wear mini dresses to your own wedding. However, there are instances that it`s more than appropriate to do so, especially if you plan an intimate or civil wedding.

If you decide that a small wedding is for you, then check out this Bronx and Banco lace dress that features a see-through lace design. It has a softly structured form that`s very ideal for those with inverted triangle or straight body shapes.

Spaghetti Strap Floral Pattern Ruffles Casual Dress

3. Off-the-Shoulder Gowns

If you have a big and puffy gown, showing a little bit of skin on your shoulders will balance the gown, and lessen the feeling of being engulfed by your dress.

This lace wedding gown is ideal for those who dream of a grandiose wedding with a lot of lights and flowers.

Off-the-Shoulder Lace Ball Gown Sheldon

4. Floral Dress

Celebrate your day by also enjoying your womanhood with ethereal floral designs. This Esen gown is the epitome of stunning.

Its flower 3D decals look like butterflies sitting on top of the dress. This is ideal for the simple girl who wants to highlight her natural beauty at the same time enjoy a beautifully-made dress.

5. Modern Ruffles

Keep it simple with a plain white design, and gorgeous modern ruffles. Featuring a halter neck and floor-length gown, this wedding dress is amazing for small gatherings, beach or garden weddings.

It doesn`t have flowery or intricate details however you will be in awe of how smooth the flow of the ruffles are to create a gorgeous slit.

6. Bows

Bows are known to be a pretty décor for almost anything. Wedding gowns are not an exception. If you want a youthful and feminine wedding dress, a big bow on the side will definitely do the trick.

7. Stylish Separates

Besides mini wedding gowns, stylish separates are very popular for beach weddings and also civil weddings.

They`re comfortable and doesn`t require heavy assistance from your maid-of-honor. A well-structured top and a cute tulle skirt can make you dance with joy and without a worry!

Beach Wedding Dress, Tulle Bridal dress, Two Piece Long Sleeve, Perfect wedding dress

8. Square Necklines

Square neckline dresses in general provide a classic feel, let alone a square neckline plain white dress.

Ideal for the lady who wants a simple and sweet wedding, this 2 in 1 dress will make your bridal look timeless, and you`ll be able to show your grandkids or the next generations how naturally stunning your beauty was!

These wedding dresses are stylish and stunning, perfect for the modern bride. No matter which one you choose, whether it’s stylish separates or a ruffled dress, these bridal trends will highlighy your gorgeous beauty, and make your charm shine through out the day or night!


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