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Being considered plus size, usually means you’ll have a hard time finding the right clothes or clothes that fit. A lot of brands still haven’t understood that not everyone is skinny nor has a size zero and that we come in all shapes and sizes. And this is why sometimes an S, M, or L size won’t fit a lot of people.

Being plus size doesn’t mean you are “fat” because you spend all your time eating unhealthy food. Sometimes our bodies, thanks to illnesses like POCS, insulin resistance, etc. (that sometimes are all related), make people gain weight. And these people might be sometimes healthier in the end, that others that think that because they’re skinny they get to eat all the bad greasy foods. They might have their cholesterol up in the sky and might be at risk of a future heart attack.

So, if you’re what it is considered plus size, I hope you’re loving every inch of your body, feel confident in it and of course, you’re also healthy. As long as you are happy and healthy, you shouldn’t be listening to anyone’s comments about your body. But loving yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t change the parts that aren’t your favorite.

We all have parts of our bodies, that we don’t like and want to eventually change. And, honestly, if you want to have a better-looking body with a beautiful hourglass shape, it is ok. And if want to achieve it, go for it, it doesn’t mean you love yourself less. If you want to look good for a special occasion, you can definitively get the “help” of shapewear bodysuits. They’ll help hide imperfections for the time you’re wearing them.

You can also that dream body, by exercising and eating healthier. This also doesn’t mean that you have to spend 10 hours in the gym or just eat veggies all the time. Nope, it means you do the right amount of exercise, walking for 30 minutes can be enough, and you eat healthy foods but that you also treat yourself.

If you’re looking for an hourglass figure, something that you can add to your routines, is, for example, a plus size waist trainer. And choosing the right one shouldn’t be a hard job. It is important that you choose the right size, first of all, measure yourself and check the size guides. Then, if it’s possible, try it on and see if you’re not feeling either super restricted or if it is way too loose.

If it’s restricting you way too much, it might end up damaging you internally, but if you are using one that is way too loose, then it won’t be helping you achieve anything. It has to fit perfectly, while it cinches your waist perfectly and you feel comfortable. If you’re an L and get an S, the only thing you’ll be doing is damaging yourself, not to mention you’ll be feeling very uncomfortable.

A great option can also be a double belt waist trainer, it will help you a lot to achieve your goals. Not only if you wear it while you’re at the gym, but also if you wear it on a daily basis in your normal life.


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