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The floral pattern is very popular in all seasons, which every girl crazy about. Women should have a floral outfit even only one item in their closet.
The good thing about the floral trend is it can be worn by women from kid to adult, whatever your skin, and size. Above all, it is recommended to get a fashionable style that is easy to match with any coordinates and fashion accessories. This time, I will introduce trendy floral pattern clothes that you can wear coolly even on such a hot day. 

Floral Crop Top

Showing your sexy and girly side at the same time with a floral crop top. This blouse features a cropped silhouette and fitted well on your body which can show off a Lil bit of your belly skin. It can be paired with any bottom which also can change your whole look from girly to casual.

Floral Mini Dress

It’s also a piece of clothing that can be worn for all women who want to look girly and cute. This dress is concerned in the chest area, so it would be fit perfectly on your body. Simply complete with platform shoes and a rattan bag to get summery or spring fashion style.

Another cute mini dress you can try to look lovely and trendy. Choose a simple hairstyle and simple jewelry and use it as a complement for your whole coordinate. By adding a stylishly designed bag, this simple floral mini dress can be looked fashionable.

Maxi Floral Dress

Wearing this kind of one piece floral dress will make you look fashionable, trendy, and above all, it gives feminine look in an instant. I recommend this dress as it has light material that flutters in the wind. It is convenient to get a refreshing floral design that you can wear even on hot days. Create a feminine and soft atmosphere by unifying this dress with a trendy bag and heels.

Ruffles floral blouse

Ruffled floral blouse is a pretty outfit to make women look feminine and gorgeous. It can be worn for any occasion both formal and nonformal. For those who like the casual and chic atmosphere, I recommend styling this blouse with skinny or high waist jeans. Keep your fashion to be bold with ankle boots.


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