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Beatrice Bouchard is a model and a popular influencer with over 365,000 followers on Instagram. She was born on February 25, 1994 in Westmount, Montreal City, Canada. Beatrice has a twin sister (fraternal twin), Eugenie Bouchard who is a famous tennis player who has won the Wimbledon 2012 girls’ tournament, becoming the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title at any level and currently ranked 141st in the world. The sisters are named after the royal siblings Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York and look almost identical.

Their parents are divorced and while Beatrice and her two other siblings stayed with their father, Eugenie remained with their mother and this has caused the siblings relationships to be rather strained. Beatrice has a notable presence on social media and amassed quite a following which she uses to showcase herself as a model. While she does not seem to be tied to any modelling agencies, she is seen promoting brands on social media. She has been making references to several brands in her Instagram posts.

Beatrice often posts on social media such as Instagram wearing the latest trending fashion. Below are 10 photos to prove that Beatrice Bouchard should be a fashion and beauty influencer.

Here is Beatrice in comfortable crop sweater and shorts.The beginning of the season can often leave everyone in wardrobe limbo. It is too warm for winter coat and too cold for bare shoulders. So the ideal solution is a crop sweater. This fashion style is having its moment right now. The cropped sweater can help to transition into spring with ease.

Crop tops are such a great summer staple.They are perfect on hot days with their mini style and terrific for summer because you do not have to layer up too much. Here, Beatrice is donning a white crop sleeveless tee with a pair of comfortable track bottom.

A tennis bracelet is a constant presence on the red carpet and stars like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman often make it a point to accessorize their gowns with stackable bracelets on their wrists.Beatrice is wearing the tennis bracelet and also precious stone rings from her favorite jeweler – Atelier Lou Bijouterie.

The tie-front top seems to be peaking in popularity right now. Whether it is a long sleeve style or a super-short, bra-like version, there are countless of styles available. Here, Beatrice is wearing a crop front-tie top from Pretty Little Thing and denim shorts from Levi’s. Nothing says summer more than a pair of denim shorts.

The bike shorts trend is still going strong eventhough we welcomed this style back into our wardrobes years ago. The summer staple has proven to have serious staying power. This form fitting bottoms were popular in the 80s and 90s and came back to the fashion scene in 2017. Fast forward to 2021 where we are still choosing comfortable clothing over structured pieces, the biker short outfits continue to be a go-to when temperature drops. When paired with a loose sweatshirt, it has the ability to make the loungewear staple look less sloppy.

 French manicure is a timeless work of art and a classic French manicure will forever reign supreme. The traditional white tipped design remains a favorite among women. Now, modern art and techniques have change over time to match the current trends like this black tipped nail art spotted on Beatrice.

Loose fitting ripped jeans are what the fashion crowd’s latest obsession. They are sure to be a staple in 2021 as an of-the-moment way to bring a laid-back quality to any look.  Beatrice are wearing distressed slouchy denim from Levi’s.


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