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There are many ways to get into the holiday mood like listening to some classic Christmas songs and decorate your house. There is another way to bring some glitter and glam of the holidays and it is with some super sparkly nail art for the holidays. There will be an instant smile across your face every time you see those bright shiny Christmas nails with fun designs.

Some of us are already experts when it comes to painting our own nails during last year’s lockdown where the nail salons were closed. For many, the idea of painting nails with holiday designs is a little daunting but it does not have to be. If you would like to try your hand with some of those Christmas nail art, here are some DIY Christmas nail art ideas that will elevate your holiday game even more.

If you cannot decide what Christmas designs you want on your nails, how about getting all of them? You can paint all the unique designs like stripes, glitter to candy cane. All you have to is select 3 to 4 main colors and tick with that palette for a more streamline look.

You can have a lot of fun with this Xmas tree style. Paint on a white or other light-colored base, pick a palette, and paint the trees in different designs. You can have a traditional red, green, and gold looking tree that are quite festive too. To achieve this look, try using tiny brushes, nail dotting tool or even toothpicks.

This design is too adorable. Each nail is a different part of Santa from the hat to his pants. Get ready to receive all the nice comments

This light blue and silver glitter exude an icy tone that will last well into the new year. Opt for a more graphic approach by alternating patterns or choose one glitter nail accent for a simpler look.

Plaid is synonym with winter and it is one of the most classic patterns to have. There are many fresh ways to wear it like fiery pops of plaid nail art stickers to keep this manicure interesting or adding some gold plaid lines to the nail design.

This simple dotted design on a neutral base is a modern day chic look. It is easy and straightforward style featuring the Christmas lights. All you need is a dot tool and festive polish shades. 


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