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Most of us are practicing social distancing and quarantine in our homes which means that we have to do our own self grooming. A few ways to give ourselves a treat in the comfort of our home is to practice nail art.  While the barbecues and beach days are in the horizon (with lots of social distancing), this means one thing – time to up your color game and plan your summer nails. A set of bright summery nails can quickly get you in the right vibe for the warm weather.

What goes around comes around in the world of fashion and style. You do not have to be an avid follower of the fashion industry to know designers borrow heavily from the past  when designing the latest trends. What is old is new is especially true for the beauty trends too. This summer we will be seeing the revival of age-old looks like French manicure and iconic styles with a summer 2021 spin.

Pastels are still a spring and summer staple, but you can also take the bolder, more vibrant routes. With a steady hand, there are super fun, graphic nail designs in the nail world and you don’t want to miss out on all these funky trends. Here are some of the biggest nail looks for the warmer months. From subtle gradients to neons, there is a little something for every taste and skill level.

Psychedelic Pastel Nails

Beauty experts predict the return of psychedelic designs like squiggles and blobs across nails in a rainbow of hues. Seen here is a minimalist yet playful array of periwinkle, white and pink.

Colorful French Tip

Layering multiple shades over a French tip is a totally fun look. If you are into DIYs, you can make sure each layer dries before adding a new color on top. Start with a base coat and then use the corner of the bottle brush to pain a side swoosh across the nail to create the French tip.

70’s Inspired Colors

The 70s style is making a return in nail art. Expect to see a lot of 70’s-inspired colors such as marigold, terra cotta, and baby blue.  Time to give your nails a retro vibe.

Rainbow Hues

For the 90s babies, you will be thrilled to know that the French manicure is back and better than ever.  Rather than the white tips in the past, 2021’s version is a cheerful rainbow twist.  It is a simple way to express yourself with multiple pops of rainbow hues that can brighten up your mood.

Tie Dye Nails

We have tie-dye fashion trends and of course we can’t leave the nails behind  If you are ready to take your swirl to the next level, give this tie-dye nails a try. The funky print design is a reminiscent of your favorite tie-dyed hoodie or rainbow sherbet.  It will surely leave a smile on your face. The pastel mixture will pair super well with any tie-dye outfits already in your closet.


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