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There is no doubt about it that we all love trends.  Having said that, no wardrobe is complete without the essential pieces. Also known as wardrobe staples, they are the backbones of our closet as the foundational elements to balance out trendier pieces. They are the items that we reach out to in order to create almost all of our outfits. It is all about the basics that will help us bring our outfits together from start to finish without having to spend a single second worrying about what to wear. From the simple white T-shirt to the classic denim, they are the pieces that every closet requires. So if you want to up your style game this season, here are some of the summer wardrobe staples must-haves that re seasonless and versatile so that you can have the most chic season ever.

1.White T-Shirt

The trusty white T-shirt is a very basic piece of clothing but it is the most versatile one. It can be paired with nearly everything and look great. Whether you are rocking a printed skirt, black pants or jeans, you can never go wrong with a white T-shirt.  You can even layer it under a slip dress or tuck it into a pair of high-rise wool pants for the office wear look.

2.White Shirt

The white button-up shirt has always been a classic and is another versatile summer essential especially this year. It is so easyto mix and match and can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, as well as under dresses. The white button down is a great layering piece and can be worn under a sweater for a business casual look or over a bathing suit for easy beach cover-up. The white shirt is also perfect for enhancing the appearance of your glowing summer tan.

3.  Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are casual, comfy, and oh-so-cool.  These relaxed and fashionable denim pants project the perfect sunny season vibe.  When you are not in the mood for fitted pants, boyfriend jeans can help you to look good.  Pair it with a shirt and heels or a sweater and sandals.  Remember to opt for summery shades of blue instead of dark, wintery black.

4.  Shirt Dress

No matter if you are heading to the office or to your favorite restaurant for brunch, a shirt dress makes an excellent outfit choice.  Not only are shirt dresses perfect for keeping you feeling cool while looking effortlessly elegant, they are also very versatile.  They can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

5  Simple Flats 

A simple flat is a great footwear style for summer. The chic and comfortable jack-of-all-trades shoe can land the right look for anything from a board meeting to a grocery run. It can be worn just as easily with jeans or pants as it can with a dress.

6. Denim Jacket

A jean jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that you will actually reach for season after season. They are usually seen as more of a lightweight transitional jacket for spring through to autumn. With the right styling, it can also be incorporated into winter outfits.

7. Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is the ultimate comfort and style combination.  It is a favorite summer style  because of its long, billowy, and breezy design.  The maxi is everything you need to beat the summer heat in style.  You can find them in florals, solids or patterns.


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