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Perhaps what you really need to motivate yourself to exercise (or practice it more frequently) are a series of impact sports outfits, with which in addition to feeling comfortable you cannot stop looking at yourself in the mirror, because of how good you look with them and how cool they are.

Sportswear trends you should try in 2021

For this reason, we have decided to help you in your selection of clothing for exercise and we anticipate what will be the affordable sportswear trends that will dominate this year (WARNING: it will not be a coincidence that you see them in various celebs and it girls, frequently).

Faux leather biker shorts and sleeveless tops

Ideal to join the athleisure trend (which consists of combining sports pieces with other more sophisticated ones, such as blazers, to elevate your outfits considered ‘sporty’!)

But if you follow a fitness lifestyle, do not worry, because there are also garments with a fake leather effect, which at the same time are breathable and comfortable. In this way, you can move and comply with your exercise routine without problem.

Gradient leggings and tops

Unlike the famous tie-dye, it is a type of wash where you can clearly see how it lightens or darkens evenly and in the same direction. Pants, tops and sweatshirts with this effect will be a must have in sports fashion.

Transparencies in sports outfits

Surely you have seen them everywhere and you probably already have a garment of this type. And let’s face it, a touch of slight transparency in a top, leggings, or pants makes our look automatically sexier and more interesting.

And the news is that this trend will continue to remain strong for the rest of the year.

Mix and match

Who said you should always wear the same pattern? Have fun and let your imagination fly by coordinating two different prints within the same sporty look.

We anticipate that military prints and details of nature will also be in trend.


Attention glitter lovers, because this other hot trend will give you the opportunity to continue shining while exercising. Our suggestion? Choose sportswear of this style in your favorite color!

Tie-dye sports set

To be honest, you will look very cool with any tie-dye garment. But the sports sets on Lover-beauty will stand out among sportswear for this fun effect that was all the rage in the early 2000s and is back stronger than ever!

Sports shapewear to improve your exercise routine

Wholesale shapewear is often used when doing some type of exercise since it manages to eliminate the liquids that are stored in the body so that you sweat in large quantities. This is something favorable because it stimulates weight loss, and in turn, burns fat.

This accessory is also essential because it seeks to take care of the body posture avoiding damage to the body over time, so it is advisable to use it when there is a muscle injury in the rectus abdominis or in the dorsal part. If the pain persists, it is best to visit a professional.

It is also advisable to use these pieces for those people who have the habit of carrying a large amount of weight, so it will be the ideal complement for the gym.

Benefits offered by pieces of shapewear

  • They help stimulate the body to produce more sweating and thus reduce measures.
  • Get to shape the body while burning fat.
  • They contain closures to make them easier to put on and thus pressure is achieved from the abdominal part to the waist.
  • The sports girdles, type vests, are special for those people who practice certain high-density sports, since their straps help to have greater support on the back.
  • They maintain the posture of the torso.
  • They are ideal for treating injuries to the body.


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