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Blazers always make quite an appearance even on the runways no matter what the season is.  This style is a wardrobe basic, must-have and a versatile closet piece that has the ability to alter your look.  They can be added to different pieces of clothing and instantly add a new statement style to anyone who wears them.  The blazer suits all occasions and depending upon the style, you can sport a blazer in several ways.  It is the perfect option when you want to look a little more polished without trying hard at all.  You can simply pop a blazer on over your jeans and a t-shirt to instantly elevate your style. There are many different types of blazers that you can work with your outfit. Here are 6 types of blazers that you should know and have in your wardrobe.

1. Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer is a bit on the loose side and has a longer length.  This style is sleek and adds a sophisticated touch to a casual outfit.

2. Open Front Blazer

The open front blazer does not have any buttons to close up.  This style tends to have a draped look and flattering for women with larger bust sizes.

3. Single Breasted Blazer

Single-breasted blazers feature a single row of buttons to close the blazer.  These blazers tend to be universally flattering, as long as the fit is well-tailored.

4.  Double Breasted Blazer

Double-breasted blazers have two rows of buttons that allow one side of the blazer to cross over the other side. Double-breasted blazers tend to be on the dressier side and make a great style statement.  It can also be worn casually.

5.  Oversized Blazer

The oversized, boxy, menswear blazer is taking over the runway and become a street style favorite.  With its easy to wear silhouette, it can be thrown on top of everything from sweaters to skinny jeans, to dresses for the perfect springtime coat.

6. Leather Blazer

Every woman should own a leather blazer.  They are classic and very versatile.  Leather blazer has the ability to give almost any outfit an edge. Can be paired with jeans and combat boots, or a cute dress with ankle boots for a more classy look.

How To Style Women’s Blazers?

Here are some tips on the best ways to style the blazers.

  • If you have a fancy blazer like those with floral prints, it is best to keep it simple.
  • If you love accessorizing with necklace, opt for simple and minimalist design to go with your blazer.  This is because most of the blazers have notch lapel or shawl lapel and you do not it to look overwhelming.
  • Pair it with sneakers and jeans for a casual look.
  • For business casual office look, pair the blazer with white or dark color pants and heels.
  • Accessories such as rings or bracelets can enhance the overall look with blazer jackets.

Women’s blazers are normally worn for keeping warm and comfortable. Go for light-weighted blazers for cool temperatures of spring, summer and fall.


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