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Are you readers ready for a new fashion dedicated blog post? We certainly are. We all know that wearing dresses can sometimes be challenging and especially if you are not used to wearing them often.

Well, it is actually even more challenging to wear a dress during winter, when it is absolutely cold outside. That is why we have decided to write this post and help you out a bit regarding that matter.

If you feel like wearing the dress during winter you should definitely go on with that idea, but there are a couple of tips and trick that you should try in order for you to feel more comfortable. Bare legs on low temperatures definitely aren’t a good idea and the best solution to that problem is to wear tights.

You can choose the thickness of your tights according to you preference. But remember, tights don’t need to be there just to warm you up, they can actually make your outfit look even more attractive. Besides tights, warm boots are a must! If you feel like it you can even wear extra long boots and in that way you definitely won’t be cold. One more thing that can also help you out is that you choose a really long coat that will keep you protected.

And finally, your dress is supposed to be made of thick fabric that will keep you warm as well ( for example wool ). Here are some of the dresses we recommend:

Mango Knitted turtleneck dress 

this turtleneck maxi dress will definitely keep you warm and stylish. Wear it with sneakers, long boots or ankle boots and you will definitely come as stylish girl.

Mango Fitted turtle neck dress 

This one is also a dress from Mango but it is a mini dress and it gives you more space to experiment with your shoes and you can add some tights to your outfit.

Massimo Dutti Cashmere wool dress with shoulder buttons 

Add this cute dress to your closet and you definitely won’t regret it.

Massimo Dutti Black sequinned dress 

Here is an example of a perfect dress for a formal occasion. Who can resist it?

ASOS DESIGN oversized mini blazer dress in grey check 

This an interesting mix of a blazer and a dress. For more fashion info, please click this link


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