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Halloween is coming, there is no better way to understand the spirit of things than by revisiting some of the classic holiday themed episodes on your favorite TV shows.

This is our favorite three Halloween TV series (including fun and creepy options), from excellent to absolutely best.

3. How do I meet your mother, ‘Slutty Pumpkin’

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Slutty Pumpkin became the object of Ted… Well, after meeting her at the first season’s Halloween party, she had been in trouble for years and lost her mobile number. The audience didn’t discover her identity until a long time later – when she was played by Katie Holmes – but she became a recurring storyline throughout the series, as Ted continued to participate in the same rooftop party in the same costume I hope to see her again.

bonus? Lily and Marshall’s costumes are all important, and Barney once again proved that he refused to change the costume several times and was rejected in order to leave a hot girl for this part.

2. The Vampire Diaries, ‘Haunted’

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The Vampire Diaries have more than one Halloween-themed episode, but the first – broadcast in the first season – helped boost the show’s popular favorites. At the beginning of this episode, Vicki was angry and Stefan tried desperately to help her. When she lost control in the Halloween party and tried to attack Jeremy and Elena, the reason for her strange behavior was revealed: she was a vampire.

In order to protect his friends, Stefan bet on Vicky. At the same time, Elena let Damon erase the memory of the whole event from Jeremy’s mind.

1.Friend, ‘Halloween Party’

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If there is no classic friend plot, this list will not be complete. Of course, clothing is the best part. The audience can see that Phoebe is a super girl, Monica is a catwoman, Chandler is a ridiculous pink bunny costume, he thinks this is the worst costume ever – that is, until Ross appears “Spud-nik “, his play combines Russian satellite satellites and potatoes. Everything is the same in Ross. No one can get clothes. Joey and Monica call him a “space hoodie.”

This episode also includes Shawn Pan as a fiancé, Eric, Phoebe’s quirky twins, Ursula.


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