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1.Costume Trophies

The cutest costume, the scariest costume, the funniest costume, the 2018 costume award, and the best gift award ever

2.Pin the Spider

See? It’s easy to give your favorite party game a Halloween makeover.

3.Jack-o’-Lantern Floats

Satisfy your choice of October drinks: sugary-sweet cream floating.

4.Spider Ice Cubes

Virginal cocktails or potions may be needed for every Halloween drink. Just put them in an ice tray, cover them with water, and freeze them before the party begins.

5.Pumpkin Vases

When you chop off the top, the gourd becomes a fur vase, a hair vase and a dahliah vase. Maintain vigorous life by cutting the bottom of the water bottle into a hidden vase.


6.Printable Halloween Chocolate Labels

Custom chocolate bars are distributed to guests at the end of the night with these free print labels.

7.No-Carve Pumpkins

Put on your coat, wear a weird wreath for your Halloween party, and spell a ghostly greeting with a black tip on a white pumpkin.


8.Mad Scientist’s Bar Station

Turn your bar area into Victor Franken Stein’s lab with vintage beakers, medicine bottles, dry ice and, of course, cocktails.

9.Batty Cake Topper

Painting your favorite chocolate cake with a nest of bats is like sticking a black ribbon knot to a filament, and a little spray paint is as easy as an eye.

10.Dramatic Entrance

Wrap your skulls in the entrance to the party with velvet curtains.


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