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There are still a few weeks after Halloween, but you can bet that Heidi Klum’s clothing is in progress. The supermodel and TV celebrity will soon vote for Trump, instead of rushing to the corner of CVS in a cloak and mask every year. serious. Hair and make-up effects have earned people an Oscar for reducing their work.

This is anyone guessing how Klum will get up with last year’s XXX Jessica Rabbit. This is a woman who passed away as an elderly, robot and Hindu goddess, so really, the sky is the limit. As she gets older, she may look like a monster from a stranger, dinosaur or red priestess. We can’t wait.

There is no doubt that Krumm placed himself on body models, prosthetic makeup and accessories before important days. Before that, we are very happy to look back at past and past crazy costumes. One day, these suckers must be destined to participate in museum exhibitions, right?

Behold, some of Klum’s most amazing works.


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