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Strange things “the second season is going to start.27 on Netflix in October 1st, making it the best time to watch the Halloween party this weekend. Invite friends to party, wear themed clothes, eat and drink like eleven, dance with music between the supernatural Series in 80s. To throw the strangest things out, I They compiled a list of decorations, food, and even activities that could get a spiritual touch in the party atmosphere.

The Invitation

The site allows you to create a party invitation, email it, or upload it to an facebook event using an iconic headline font.


Christmas lights and alphabet listings: turn your home into a replica of Joyce’s humble home, hang it on the alphabet (or make a diy). With scissors and a black back)

Will Byers missing poster: the biggest mystery of last season is will’s disappearance. He was spotted at the end of the first quarter, but the boy was still a bit off.

The right barb candle: though will was saved from the reverse, countdown suffered a worse fate. And no one seems to notice (except for bff Nancy). Babu deserves better!

Tattered wall stickers: pretend you’re taking a risk and use this horrible ten. If you really want to set up the fear factor, add a diy demo from it.

Hands! This creepy pillow feels like something is coming out of the upside down.


It’s Halloween weekend, so be sure to wear the right theme to meet your guests. You can dress like eleven, in a pink dress and a golden wig (and, of course, a packet of eggs). Or buy a more personal suit, just like this ghost-catcher stands up. In the second season, the children on the show all wore similar clothes.


Music: from rave dance parties to unfamiliar things like soundtrack 2 or hit album Battle Rock, will’s favorite song, “should I stay or should I go?”

Take a classic photo of a polarizer: like Jonathan, use a polarizing camera to record the best costumes of the night. Or take part in a game to see who can make the most horrible devil face.

Dungeons and Dragons: like the kids on the show, gather your friends to start a dd.

Stranger Things Monopoly: If D&D isn’t everyone’s speed, this themed version of the popular board game should have everyone passing GO and collecting $200.

Make slime: A journey to the Upside Down wouldn’t be complete without slime, would it? After completing this DIY instruction, you and friends can have a classic slime fight.

Intercom: do another interesting thing? Break up into groups and use the radio to play the flag capture game. Or if you really want to miss your childhood, hide and seek!


Waff Bar: eleven people’s favorite food should be the center of buffet. A layer of waffle, set the table with syrup, melted chocolate, candy, spray and fruit.

Burgers and fries: Celebrate Eleven’s escape from the lab by offering the same first meal she ate at Benny’s diner.

Chocolate pudding: Dustin’s fave can be enjoyed alone, or as a waffle topping!

Upside Down pineapple cake: This throwback dessert will have everyone scrambling for a piece — grab one before the Demogorgon does!

Coffee: It’s the way Sheriff Hopper starts his day, so sip it cold or hot. Bonus: It’ll keep you up for the binge!

Glowing mucus fever: use these creepy mixture to replicate the perverted grotesque atmosphere, which may or may not contain alcohol.



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