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Halloween is all about tricks, but we’re not kidding. When we told you that we found some fancy Halloween family decorations, you really wanted to leave them out long after the Halloween party was over. Like the best Halloween costumes, the best Halloween decorations are products that can be used extensively throughout the year, like these super cute geometric skull implants. Etsy, the popular handmade online retailer, agrees. According to a recent etsy trend report, this year is a year when the scary Halloween decorations in your party city will not be wrapped up, but will free up some new “elevated” Halloween decorations. We’re talking about everything from neon bat cards to tarot decorations that you’d love to buy because you won’t have to pack after October 31. Now that so many retailers have released Halloween collections, we’re really excited (see what you’re aiming for!) We bought the best things and now they’re all under $50.

Keep scrolling to see how you can easily incorporate these chic Halloween decorations into your home after the holiday!

Skull Planter

These geometric skull implants are a perfect combination of weird and chic, so you can add them to your shelves, whether it’s Halloween or any other time of the year.

Industrial Jeweled Candle Holder

An industrial candlestick is one of the easiest things to change. Add a dark, elegant feel to your seasonal restaurant decor, an industrial jewelry candlestick imported from Pier 1-and don’t use it again for the rest of the year.

Neon Bat Sign

If you’re looking for some fun outdoor Halloween decorations, use this sign to illuminate your porch. Because bat shapes remind you of Batman and the Batman logo, you can hang it in your children’s bedroom after the holiday to remind them that they are still superheroes-even if they take off their costumes.

Palmistry Wall Art

Halloween decorations are not necessarily all skulls and pumpkins. There are some mysterious palm reading that will give you a haunting feeling for indoor Halloween decorations as well. This palmprint can be used as a mysterious seasonal decoration and your daily style of minimalism.

Tarot Card Dish

Tarot has become an increasingly popular Halloween ornament. During the festival, the brass tarot plate was served with a corn candy bar. On Nov 1, use this plate as a showcase for trinkets and jewelry.

Skull Candle

Skulls are essential for Halloween, but they are not something we usually think we’ll ignore all year round-even though we use these cute, minimalist skull candlesticks to decorate the whole shelf. They come in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to combine Halloween staples with everyday home decorations.


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