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In the sweltering months of midsummer, we’re only three months away from Halloween, the worst moment of the year, so it’s never too early to celebrate. When the leaves fall and the full moon rises, dynamite entertainment has a bucket of fun and strange things waiting for you, with five new Halloween photos showing Elvira: the Demon mistress, the Wampirera, the Dark Legion. Betty Page and Red. A hymn. These independent Halloween theme magazines will be enriched with a 40-page spine-a thrilling joy for all readers who want to blend in the horror of the season. “Halloween goes hand in hand with comic books,” announced Barucci (nick barrucci), the resplendent chief executive. “everyone loves a good horror story at the end of October. We’ve always wanted to do a big show for all our main characters. ” This is a great opportunity for readers to get five great stories for themselves or give them friends during the holidays. “beware of their coming October! Here are the gruesome, full of pumpkin previews of the five covers of the genius (reilly brown) Riley Brown:
Elvira Halloween Special
The Elvira Halloween special was written by Dan Parr, Fernando Ruiz, Scott Brian Wilson and Dan’s parents and Fernando Ruiz. The horror film features a fascinating Elvira (elvira) movie carnival at the local theater. When she had a chance to hook up with George Rothmolo, the truest and truest horror filmmaker in history, she discovered the dark secret behind Rottmeiro’s success, and her dream of a superstar could turn into a nightmare!
Army of Darkness Halloween Special
After an eccentric tour guide raised the ghost remains of a sailboat that brought terrible death to the United States, the ashes finally met one of his worst things-the Pirates of the Ghost! It was written by Chad Bowles, Chris Sims, Benito Sereno, by Evan Ma Long and Anthony Marks, stuffed with wooden saws and sticks, machetes and short sleeves. If the Blackbeard can’t have their legend. Baby, the head of the promised person is a good substitute.

Red Sonja Halloween Special
A mysterious old woman hires Sonja during the Festival of the Dead to find and rescue her son from a diabolical evil. This terrifying force is the horribly hairy curse of lycanthropy. Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques, Red Sonja: Curse of the Wolf will have readers howling for more as Sonja attempts to vanquish a werewolf while the most magical night of the year erupts.
“How awesome is it that Halloween falls on New Comic Day this year?,” Dynamite Editor Joseph Rybandt told SYFY WIRE. “Pretty Awesome. So awesome that we’ve created a series of special Halloween one-shots to celebrate and bring the spooky goodness to comic shops this Halloween!”

Vampirella Halloween Special
They don’t celebrate their birthdays on this lovely planet, Vampylla-so Wanpi has to pick his own birthday, and Halloween is the perfect choice. To her dismay and annoyance, her jubilant celebration was interrupted by the epic, pan-dimensional invasion of demons that was often accompanied by Halloween! The works by Scott Lobel (scott lobdell) and Blake Norscott (blake northcott) with Raphael Lobosco (rapha lobosco) and Anthony Marks (anthony marques) coincide with next year’s 50th anniversary of Wanpi!


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