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A skimpy costume tries to spook us with unanswered text messages.

Breakups can be messy. In the technological age, some people choose to deal with it through ghost, which suddenly stops communicating and disappears into a silent, unresponsive underground world. This suspicious behavior has now been perpetuated at Halloween balls. Women’s ghost clothes can be bought in retail gathering cities in the United States. It was a white folded polyester dress with a jagged edge. This is the appearance of a retro sheet. It has information bubbles on the front, which says, “?” And “r u oku?” the description reads: “eager text users will know that wearing this ghost costume won’t bother you.”

There are at least a few strange aspects to this outfit, even if you’ve seen the controversial “sexy” Halloween trend. First, it only targets women, which leads us to wonder why men are eliminated. Ghosts can be bidirectional.

Next, the costume displays blue messages, usually (but not always) the text messages sent out. So, does this mean that the people in this outfit are being ogled? It’s a little confusing. Ghost costumes may not be as bad as the sexy maid costume that was removed from online retail last week, but it’s not entirely a shining example of Halloween creativity. How could you freeze yourself in a carbon nanite?


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