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Denver, Colorado: 03: 53 am (cna)-in 2015, the president of the University of Louisville issued an official apology after a photo depicting him wearing a picture of a Mexican stereotype of Halloween being criticized as insensitive and derogatory. “I personally apologize for recent events and for any pain it might cause to our students, teachers, faculty and the community. We have no intention of causing such suffering. ” President james r.ramsey said in a statement at the time that a student at the University of Central Arkansas was expelled from the fraternity in 2016 after posting a photo of himself in black face at the University of Central Arkansas. This year, many people have offended a new Anne Frank costume.

In the past few years, some colleges and universities have issued guidelines and warnings on dull Halloween costumes, asking students to avoid costumes that may offend cultural, racial or minority groups. However, it still seems to allow “sexy nuns” and “pregnant nuns” costumes, which inevitably appear in Halloween advertisements and shops at this time of year and are often not on the list. Is wearing sexy nuns less annoying than pajamas and fake beards?

“it reflects the roughness of culture,” Sister Gil-Kay, a benevolent religious sister, told cna. “it’s not surprising that such things exist. . “it’s shocking, it’s an affront to goodness and sanctity,” she said. Such clothing, she says, not only belittles every woman who is a religious sister, but also vilifies God. “not every sister is good, but what they represent is good.” She said, “the man who gives to God is alone. ‘dedication’ means being separated.” For a sacred purpose. As a culture, we should respect things that remind us of good or lofty ideals, even if you’re not Catholic, “she said.” Thus disrespect for a sister in this way is a mockery not only of her or of the church, but also of God. ”

Sister Gilnester added that the sad irony is that Halloween is the eve of all Saints’ Day and should be a time to honor saints many of whom are religious sisters and brothers as role models and role models in our own lives. Besides, it’s like vilifying Martin Luther King (martin luther king jr.). Or a character like Mahatma Gandhi (mahatma ghandi) should be the same in terms of cultural offense. She pointed out that it was unacceptable to mock Catholic figures. “I think people like Martin Luther King (martin luther king), who have lofty ideals, will be respected-if he’s wearing a kkk uniform or something, it’s the exact opposite of who he is and what he represents. It’s like a sister in this dress, or in some way showing that sexual perversion, “she said.”

Clothes that describe cultural and racial stereotypes cause so much offense and uproar because those who know these cultures and races see them as more than they depict. “I work with religious workers, I’m a devout person, it’s not religion,” she said. “these people love God and they give it to God.” They live for God and they don’t want to be in the spotlight in any way. Their kind and selfless service-a description that, in addition to ridicule-will eventually come back, will only denigrate those who wear them. ”

Most sisters who see people wearing this dress tend to pray for him, Mr. Gilbert said. While Catholics and Christians have the right to be offended by these costumes, our faith demands that we not offend, forgive those who laugh at their beliefs and pray for those who laugh at them, she added. “I don’t think those who do this really understand what they’re doing.” She said. “We still have to forgive them, pray for them, and hope they have a deeper understanding of what they are doing, not doing it, including those who make clothes.” To some extent, Gilbert says, ridiculing faith is a “capricious compliment” because it means that those who make fun of them see something real and substantial in Christianity.

“We represent something,” she said. “if you stick with these things, you have a substantive proposition, and we believe that these statements come from God.” Religion tries to live in the most radical way, so if it challenges the culture, then these people are the ones who will be ridiculed. ” She added: “We are praying for them to see the depth of [religious life].” As God said: you don’t know what you’re doing. Because they are hurting themselves. ”


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