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Choosing your Halloween costume is a key moment in your annual plan. We always like the DIY line, especially because there are lots of ideas to choose from. Whether you choose interesting lines, sexy choices, or even Disney themes, there’s a lot of inspiration from this year’s pop culture moments. Don’t look at the music moment anymore. It’s better than the 15 costume ideas in this year’s top music videos. We’re sure you’ll be praised all night.

1.”APESH*T” by The Carters

What to wear: go with satin pink blouses and pants, diamond necklaces, chandelier earrings, and half of your hair.


2.”PYNK” by Janelle Monáe

What to wear: a pink dress and pink tumbling trousers

3.”Faded” by Kim Petras

What to wear: magenta jacket, black bike shorts, white bra, white dad sports shoes.

4.”Finesse” by Bruno Mars Feat. Cardi B

What to wear: yellow t-shirts, cut jeans shorts, Letterman jacket, back baseball cap, and giant hoop earrings.

5.”In My Feelings” by Drake

What to wear: NFL T-shirts, orange pants, necklaces.

6.”Walk It Talk It” by Migos Feat. Drake

What to wear: pleated shirts, matching pants suits, and old sunglasses.


7.”Savior” by Iggy Azalea

What to wear: black lace miniskirts, black skirts, shiny rings, dark purple lipstick.

8.”Go to Town” by Doja Cat

What to wear: pink latex suit and aquamarine wig.

9.”Rose-Colored Boy” by Paramore

What to wear: with a red coat and skirt suit, a red turtleneck, a trunk, a brooch, a microphone and golden earrings.

10.”Accelerate” by Christina Aguilera

What to wear: striped coat and pants combination, white reverse shoes, hair back pull.


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