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Halloween is just around the corner, and going to a messy party store can be a setback. As Miami prepares for one of the noisiest nights of the year, it’s time to dress up for the last scene of Halloween. When it comes to dressing up for the occasion, the magical city will not mess up. Before you lose a $1000 costume contest, it’s all fun and games-or worse, a free bar label.

We have collected the best costume balls in town, from fancy to free. You can even win some cash. This is the top 10 places in Miami for Halloween costumes.

1. Halloween on Lincoln Road. On Halloween night, all levels of Miami-a bunch of freaks running around frantically-strolled through a mile-long corridor on Lincoln Road. This place is the ultimate Halloween gathering place in Miami. The free annual carnival has attracted thousands of revelers, including the city’s weirdest and most exquisite look. Don’t you believe us? There is evidence here. According to the evidence. On its website, from 5pm to 8pm, the event is family-friendly, but after that, we recommend taking the children home. The 10-block frenzy on the southern beach is a huge Halloween platform. Tuesday, October 31, at 5: 00 p.m., at Lincoln Road Shopping Center, between alton Road and Washington Avenue on Miami Beach, 305-389-3767; Admission to is free.

2. Vitz Khaya 31 th-annual Halloween sunshine. All this is about the mystery, myth, and fantasy of Khaya’s Halloween sunset, hosted by nbc 6’s roxy vargas. Now it’s getting cold, dancing in the night sky, with a view of the bay, it’s not a bad way to spend a night of masked drinkers. The iconic Halloween party encourages guests to come to the wedding in themed clothes or costumes of their choice. To win the best women’s wear, best men’s wear and best collective clothing awards. Please look at our favorite costume at last year’s event. Free drinks will be provided free of charge from the top five Baikadi bars, wine and beer bars. The reception will be held in three stages, performed by Patrick.

3.Dress up your best couple. Expand the looks of your best couple. Chris Carter. A picture of Halloween at the Biltmore Hotel. Legend has it that the coral gables are haunted by the ghosts of the gangsters. Called one of Miami’s best ghost discovery sites by the new era, Biltmore is arguably the most terrifying place to begin this creepy weekend. The annual celebration was held in Miami. The country Club Ballroom will offer open-style bars, buffet, entertainment and awards. Clothing categories include the most creative, scary and best combinations. If you’re brave enough, rent a room and take your drunken zombie upstairs to spend the night in this nearly 100-year-old hotel. Friday, October 27, 8: 00 p.m., at 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Birte, 305-445-8066;

4.Nightmares on the beach: dark Carneville. Just as you think your worst nightmare, the clown nightmare is fading, the dark nightmare is coming. The Beacon Foundation’s eighth annual nightmare on the beach will be a night of evil on the beach in Rumos Park. On the 12th Street voyage, seaside Buchana will offer top-class cocktails, beers, wines, delicious bitters and day-to-night entertainment. Really? True Halloween in Miami if you don’t spend it on South Beach with 1200 monsters? Friday, Oct. 27, at 9 P. m., in lummus Park, on Miami Beach’s 12th Street Ocean Lane, 305-401-3949;

5. “Miami’s largest Free Street Party” at Winwood on Holy Night is about to take place at Winwood. Special potions will be prepared in bars during the festival, and more than 20 local food suppliers will serve delicious food. Watch the sound of Miami djs, watch the real Winwood fashion live art, and then shop until you get to the handicraft market. Sharpen your body armor and clothing, sharpen your fan and clothes. Murder in order to win a cash prize in a costume contest. Don’t forget to reply to free drinks. At 7pm on Tuesday, October 31st, at 2250 Northwest second Avenue in Miami, Mara Winwood is 305-461-2700;


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