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According to Psychology Today, costumes are a way to explore someone you aren’t.

Nurses, maids, schoolgirls: more subordinate roles actually show that you are a strong, independent woman, confident enough to wear a dress that looks like it needs help.

Superhero: You are exploring a time in your life where you’re building an identity.

Vampires, ferocious reapers, demons, witches: you become a predator, not a prey, influenced by political culture.

Pop Culture: Conversation starter costumes mean you are the life of the party.

Homemade: You are crafty, which means you are also showing off your mental assets.

Rock star, athlete, actor: you are guiding the personality of others, hoping to communicate and communicate with others. You also show your inner fantasy life. 

Is your costume on this list? Tell our wfla News Channel 8 facebook page that you’re going to dress up like Halloween.


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