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As the nation prepares for July 4 th, popular theme parks are ready for the next big holiday, Halowan. Although Halloween has more than three months to go, tickets for many theme park special events are already available, with some celebrations starting in August.

Disney World in Orlando will start celebrating Halloween, and many of us are still in the summer vacation, with the first Mickey Mouse-less scary Halloween party scheduled for August .17. The event is a limited ticket, an event in a few hours, which means regular guests will be driven out of the Magic Kingdom, and only those who have bought tickets to Halloween parties will be allowed to stay in the park until 7 P. m.

The activity is characterized by the parades and fireworks exclusive parties, as well as a shorter route in some of the most popular parks in some parks, due to the limited population. This year’s evet will take the Caribbean Pirates and popular teacups, as well as the young Disney’s new youth ball. However, one of the biggest attractions of Disney’s powder may be the opportunity to be in the public. The rare people in the garden not often meet and greet. The skeleton Jack, from “the Nightmare Before Christmas” and the Snow White’s seven dwarfs all know. Last year, although her movie was popular, she did not have a consistent presence in the park. She appeared in the event and waited for more than two hours. A rare chance to take a photo. The tickets for a Halloween party that is not too terrible for Mitch can be bought online for $79, and the price is closer to the Halloween.Misa0s017097 901-300 plan for your first world trip, Disney? This is all the first timers to know the universal Orlando, and Disney’s Halloween event is for the purpose. The whole family, Halloween Horror Nights in the world is for the larger audience who wants to fear. In 28 years, Halloween night will show 10 haunted houses for the first time and the popular amusement facilities in some parks.

Earlier this year, Universal announced that a haunted house based on the netflix hit series “strange things” would come to the event to bring visitors back from Hawkins, Indiana. The attraction will be what happened in the first quarter of the show, so those who missed the second season will “.” Don’t worry about spoiled people. The recently announced haunted house will center around the movie Chuck. Classic killer from space. The event will be held on a special night, September 9, November 14-3. Online tickets start at $62.00, but can be added to your attendance time. Children under the age of 13 are not advised to attend the event.

The Bush Garden call in Williamsburg, Washington, will be held again this year, with some of the most popular spots and a few new attractions. The event will feature seven indoor and outdoor haunted mazes, and the park will publish stories behind the attractions every month. Six terror zones will immerse visitors in a terrible world, and several performances will keep the party going all night. As an additional cost, the activity will cost additional costs. There are also two escape rooms where teams of six must use clues and puzzles to leave before the time is ripe. Due to the horror nature of the event, guests with children are encouraged to be careful when they stay in the park after screaming.


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