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You are here, you saw it, you voted, and a duo is absolutely dominant in this year’s legal-themed Halloween costume competition. Our victory lost in one-third of the vote this year. Making legal-themed Halloween costumes is not an easy task, and many of the works this year are very creative – but perhaps more creative is the voting method used by some of our competitors. Despite this, we commend the brave soul for accepting our judgment.

And now, the moment you wait. Who won our annual clothing competition?

It was the students who played Judge Antonin Scalia and Judge Ruth Bard Kingsburg, who received 33% of the votes. Thanks to some problematic voting procedures (we witnessed it) – and because we like beer – we also presented awards for this year’s editors’ favorite awards: the couple dressed up as Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar and his beer, voted for 31%.
Congratulations on winning the annual clothing competition. Email us to collect your prizes.

Thank you for submitting clothing and voting (sometimes on many occasions). We sincerely hope that you can submit your clothing again for next year’s competition. Our readers are part of a great website like “above the law.”


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