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Halloween comes when you don’t realize it. Finding the right Halloween costume for your fear night is easy because it’s cost effective. For example, this simple bank robber model is made up of several wardrobe nails, some key accessories and a little imagination. Scrolling down to learn more about the dress concept and quickly piecing them together should be a crime.

Wait, because it’s the easiest dress to date. Another advantage: you can dress up your date as a robber and work with a criminal partner. You need a striped shirt, black jeans and black boots. Pick up an old pillowcase and draw a dollar sign in front of it with a black mark. Use black goggles and black bees to complete your costume.

Chances are you already have this French-girl-favorite top in your wardrobe right alongside classic black denim and, of course, a pair of wear-everywhere boots. And just like that, you have a costume that will steal all the attention.




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