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If you ever thought to be a 20-year-old lipstick master, allegedly pregnant with her first child Halloween, then this is your chance! In the online boutiques Yandy’s thoughtful people developed a pregnant Kylie Jenner costume, a few days later, TMZ reported that she and her boyfriend Travis Scott were looking forward to a child.

$ 59.95 Ensemble – Halloween Costumes Outlet titled “Real Star in Making Apparel” – made up of a white dress (seemingly inspired by the fashion star “Faulless” wearing Instagram) earlier this month, as well as a fake baby. While Yandy’s models sport with black hair wigs, high heels, and are using the iPhoneàla Kylie’s self-timer, you have to go to their own weaving, high heels and cellular equipment because those are sold separately. Look at the following video in the clothing!

Kylie’s pregnancy news broke out on Friday, September 22nd. According to TMZ, the 25-year-old Kylie star’s life and her rapper began to tell their friends that they will be in Nahnheim, Calif. The shop also reported that Travis had told each other that he and Kelly had a baby girl.

As the fans are very understanding, Kylizzle has been eager to have a child’s voice as soon as possible. “I want the kids to be sure,” she said in the February 2016 Kocktails with Khloé’s episode. “I think it ‘s a good idea to see that you have gone through everything, and I think I want children before the age of 30.

Before Kylie’s admission to Kocktails, she said she actually wanted to start a family before the age of 25 because the 25-year-old was “too late,” and she said she had consulted every “heart” She wants to go to at least two children.


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