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Málaquez, a native of Niagara Falls, was very excited when he grabbed a jet skis during his Oscars victory and his brief reception.

Channel 2 tries to track Melissa Rockcliff, one of Bridges’s best friends, and admits watching her friend take home with her second Oscar winner excited.

“It is incredible, I mean tears flow, I and my mother on the phone, we are screaming and shouting.”

Rowcroft, her brother Matt and Mark are best friends. They are all active high school dramas in Lasalle High School.

“He did a lot of Cheap Halloween Costumes,” she recalls. “He just walked in the closet and the drawer … pulled things together, he was always drawing something … something, and he just said I wanted to be a fashion designer, He said: ‘My name will be on the big screen.’ ”

She acknowledged that her friend is now a surrealist of two Oscar Costume Design Awards.

“It’s cool, and the best part about it is that I only know he’s just an average person.”

Rowcroft said with a smile on his now famous jet ski victory: “I’ll definitely ask him, ‘What do we do on a water skateboard, when can I get a free ride?'”


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