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Shawn White apologized for the Halloween costume, which was criticized by Special Olympics as offensive.

After the three-time Olympic gold medalist released an Instagram photo of himself wearing “Simple Jack”, Special Olympics issued a statement condemning White’s behavior, which was filmed by Ben Stiller in the 2008 movie “Tropical”. Played in the Thunder.

“We are really disappointed that a well-respected Olympic athlete, Sean White, will choose this kind of clothing, which is very aggressive and causes so much pain,” Special Olympics “spreads the end of the word” campaign. Co-founder Soeren Palumbo told us about the Huffington Post. “Disability is not a joke, nor should it be a whisper. We hope that Sean White and others know that this will only continue to be shameful, stereotyped and discriminatory.”
On Monday, White took his social media coverage to apologize for the “insensitive” costume.

Huai wrote: “I should apologize for everyone in the Special Olympics community for the Halloween costume I chose at night.” “This is the last minute decision. This is wrong. Special Olympics is talking to me.” Rights. They provide a great job for many great athletes, and I am sorry for being insensitive to them. I have learned the knowledge.”


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