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For nearly 50 years of Oscars history, it seems that Hollywood’s only fashion designer is Edith Head.

Head is not only producing garments for films such as Sting, Rear Window, Notorious and Funny Face, but also for actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. The head helped to create the icy and complex aesthetics of the heroine of Alfred Hitchcock. She and Hubert de Givenchy helped identify the quirky gamine of Audrey Hepburn. She sets the standard for the movie wardrobe.

Head created a template for modern fashion designers: a man who can determine the tone, mood and authenticity of the movie – and its celebrity – with cotton and silk code.

When she first won the Costume Design Oscars in 1949, Head was named “The Ring Waltz” for her work, a Billy Wilder movie starring Bing Crosby and Joan Fontaine. She did not win, but for the first time in her 35 career nominations. In 1950, she filmed the Oscars first eight Oscars for the Olivia de Havilland movie “The Heiress.”

One of the clues to connecting her many victories is that clothes are always gorgeous. Her nominated film is often an exquisite period work or a charismatic contemporary story. These orchestra is the audience can only fantasy wear. In many ways, this trend is set in motion today.

“I think Hollywood surely has a lot of prejudices against beautiful photos,” says costume designer Ruth E. Carter, whose work is currently on the Panthers screen. Carter was nominated 1992 “Malcolm X” slavery drama “Amistad” in 1997, she has never won.

“My picture is not pretty,” she talked about her past work. “But they are accurate.”

Film Academy like fantasy and grand gesture. It celebrates that the Halloween Costumes Outlet in the movie are episodes of different characters or self-consciousnesses. For example, in 2007, the fashion-centric film “The Devil Wears Prada” was nominated by costume designer Patricia Field. In 1978, John Morrow won the Academy Award for his costume for Star Wars characters.

So it is no surprise that Mark Bridges was nominated this year for his work Ghost Line, in which Daniel Day-Lewis played an aggressive fashion designer and formed a tormentor with his muse relationship. These clothes are not avant-garde or even particularly lively, but they tell about the eternal beauty the protagonist pursues. Briks caught up with this etiquette and delicacy in his well-crafted everyday suits and dresses, the kind of clothes worn by women living in public, but not necessarily interesting.

Day Lewis’s role in her life tends to dress up clients from her appearance in society to her wedding to her daughter’s wedding. His clothes are meant to disseminate social continuity, not destruction.

British fashion designer Jacqueline Duran is nominated for “Beauty and the Beast,” a fable about inner beauty and love, including a sweet story about antiques, a caressing interest and a melodic flavor of Audra McDonald sound.

The Halloween Costumes Outlet are colorful and sparkling with Disney’s glittering glow: giant white dresses and a big yellow dress, huge wigs, fluffy shirts and dreary palette of troubled villagers. Clothing as expected. They are not particularly surprising. They did not give the plot an interesting subtext. They are loyal to musical fairy tales.

Characters often burst out of strong songs. A pack of wolves bit their teeth, but there was never a threat that they would succeed in the attack. No one is absurd in Disney’s fairy tale. Poor people wear gray breeches and aprons. Aristocrats in bright robes dance. Belle played by Emma Watson is beautiful. Prince beast finally glorious handsome. End.

However, if only from last year’s resume range, Duran should be rewarded. She is also nominated as “the darkest hour” – the film is basically a gray study. In a scene where Gary Oldman, Winston Churchill, addressed the council, there was a group of men in black suits, cut in the air in rows of black smoke.

Churchill’s great weapon was his words of passionate eloquence and dignity. The power of his speech is the center of the movie. His appearance will only amplify this. These clothes are formal, dignified, organized, rules, but there are subtle differences. Looking closely, people realize that his serious clothing is full of subtlety and texture. At first glance the seemingly steady and unimaginative suit is actually a three-piece knit striped suit with a polka dot bow tie. This is the Prime Minister’s uniforms, but very unique.

When Churchill learned he was elected to the top job, he and his wife, Clementine, played Christine Scott Thomas. At the scene, she was a visual shock of optimism and encouragement, wearing a self-cultivation white suit matching her iron white gold hair. Churchill endlessly spoke of his last argument: the British must fight Hitler – no matter how desperate – and not bargain with him.

Consolata Boyle, an Irish fashion designer, was nominated for her work on “Victoria and Abdullah,” directed by Stephen Freres – whom she regularly works with. Her costume works as a beautiful extension of the plot. The film tells of the friendship between Queen Victoria and Indian servant Abdul Karim, who eventually became her teacher. The Queen, played by Judith Daniels in black clothes – is a reflection of the lasting condition of her husband’s decades-long mourning. Karim (Ali Fazal) arrived in London from the colonial because he was summoned as Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Before attending the ceremony, he wore “traditional” Halloween Costumes Outlet, which were produced by the British based on Indian drawings. Karim protested when his dresser began wrapping the waistband around his waist and said the belts were not traditional. Tailor explained: “India’s picture does not look too Indian, so the British added a window frame.

At this moment, the fundamental tension between the two cultures, the classes, the occupiers and the occupiers is highlighted. How they are perceived and how they should be a constant visual argument of what’s going on.

The dress as the theme of the conversation reveals the Queen’s resignation and sense of humor about the temptations and demands of her life. When visiting the rainy, cold Balmoral, she asked Karim that he liked his new Scottish clothing. He replied that it was tricky. “Everything in Scotland is tricky,” said the Queen, which means that everything is uncomfortable but looks immutable.

When Karim’s wife and mother-in-law joined him in the UK, they wore burqas. Queen Victoria marveled at their clothing, calling it dignified. She longs for privacy and loneliness. She may not be able to grasp the full depth of the burqas meaning, but she is drawn to the idea of ​​hiding in a clear vision.

In the whole movie, the queen wears her costume, but she is not a black mountain. She is a character with gray hues, embroidery and lace. Karim, more and more attention with the Queen, dressed in more gilded robes and headscarves. He is no longer dressed like a servant, but rather as an authoritative person – albeit inappropriately in the palace. The clothes track the evolving relationship between the two curious characters. They tell a story as clearly as dialogue, sometimes with bold strokes and sometimes whispers.

This year’s fifth film, famous for its Halloween Costumes Outlet, is “The Shape of the Water”, a costume directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro and designed by Luis Sequeira. This is another fairy tale – a story about a strange amphibious animal laborer that was taken from the rivers of South America and transported to Baltimore during the Cold War. The government believes mysterious, vague human creatures may be helpful to the space race. Eliza fell in love with the dumb guard guarded by Sally Hawkins. Michael Shannon is a ruthless government agent who wants living creatures.

Clothing stands out, in part because at first glance they look so ordinary. But they are not.

Shannon wearing a charcoal suit, white shirt, black tie and a white pocket, square folding, blade-sharp. Elisa and her janitor friend Octavia Spencer wore pure uniforms with tiny sweaters that made them look more like they reinstalled their books in the library instead of using a mop to clean the walls of the bathroom Urine. They are wearing very beautiful guard. Wearing high heels

The role of this movie is in brown and gray, navy and taupe tones. When Shannon returned home at the end of the day, he walked into a modern medieval home where glass walls and a wife and children shone in a closet full of orange and cream shades. It is as if Shannon has taken some technical color to the government, intelligence and heroes.

Among all the fashion designers nominated, Sequeira may be the most challenging job. He must make incredible characters credible through his own dress. Their clothes must be rooted in reality, but not completely bound to them. In order for the film to find its direction, the audience must be willing to suspend the suspicion. But you can still find something in stories and connection roles.

In my heart, “the shape of the water” is a story of the rescue of a lonely romantic woman. This is an ancient story. Sequeira’s clothing is very skilled in helping to resell it.


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