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Rawalpindi: Montessori Student Systems (SLS) Montessori and High School, La Racha Campus, organized a Montessori theme display, said in a press release.

Invited more than 2,000 parents to visit all the beautifully decorated classrooms. Adolescent Montessori classroom has an independent poetic theme. Hunters hovering in the jungle, sea creatures in the underwater world; colorful seasons, especially in winter with snowmen and snowflakes, flower-themed garden subjects, bees buzzing, birds tweeting; it’s really a see-saw The scene.

Montessori’s advanced classes look like miniature movies, where students learn their favorite bedtime stories. Deeply immersed in their role, all students demonstrate their acting skills, and let the audience indulge them.

She wore a sparkling red Cheap Halloween Costumes with a wolf fighting Little Red Riding Hood, Elsa Snow Queen’s adventure to break the icy curse, hungry caterpillars to eat its food and a busy hornet, each with a different story in the classroom speak. The audience is cursed by their perfect little outfits, background music and conversation.

Advanced Montessori students are no exception. They show the underwater life, the bees, insects and butterflies found in the park and the birds and animals in their habitat. The beastly students introduce themselves and share with the audience some information about them. Awful bats and spider holes are loved by everyone.

Specially designed bat Cheap Halloween Costumes drew everyone’s attention because students showed it while echoing their prey. The advancing guests have witnessed a giant octopus living on the seabed, with open arms and a star-studded student attaching himself to a rock, while others are like whales, sharks and seahorses.

The grand theme show is appreciated by all guests. The colorful activity lasted until late at night, followed by a playground where everyone loves food, playing games and clapping their hands on magicians’ amazing tricks during magic shows.


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