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I think it is fair to say that after he produced a play each year for the past three years, King City players are fans of the famous American playwright Tracy Letts.

Last year, this was his double actress to play on the paranoid, bug. The previous year, in my four years as a reviewer, my favorite August 1 Osage was a comedy series by my favorite King City player.

So far, that’s it.

This year’s premium donut is one of the nights I had at the theater, community or professional. Although most of the episodes feel familiar – living tired / tired elderly have his world / attitude upside down by hobby / enthusiastic young people – performing here is great from top to bottom.

For me, the best thing about this is Paul Smith, Queen’s University Drama student, as an accomplished performer of aspiring writer / donut producer Franco Wicks. From the second (him) knocking on the door of the store, he came in and brought a rare charm and confidence in the community theater circuit. When he is on stage, you can not look away from him (unless, of course, there is an occasional pillar on your way). And he completed his work in a very long time, a real pleasure.

Smith was not only great, but also demonstrated a clear chemical reaction with fellow leader Richard Palimaka. Palimaka, who plays the shop owner Arthur, is also very persuasive because of the desperate, burned-out hippies.

While the director is great, it supports actors – Julia Moore and Ilke Hincer play the charming Chicago police, while Ben Hudson is the Russian owner – equally impressive. Each of them showed a great comedy moment. The heavyweights in the play, Garrett McCrea and R.J. Downes, are perfect interpreter and effective; I know I do not want to meet their bad side.

This script has all the high quality material and spent a pleasant evening at the theater, uh, yacht club.

In fact, the intimate atmosphere of the clubhouse restaurant is here to work, as viewers can easily wander around watching comedy shows from afar. This can be partly attributed to this set, which makes you feel like part of the action. When people walk by the window, I even like it as if they were on the sidewalk outside.

Sometimes, these little things stand out like Wholesale Halloween Costumes. I really like the fashion designer Ruth Moore paying attention to detail here. Police officers’ coats and shirts even had patches for “Chicago Police,” while Arthur, his ponytail, recording glasses and outdated wardrobe appreciated. That jacket Micrel is moving? Fuhgeddaboudit.

However, I do have a little quibble. When the Russians Max (Hudson) and Kirill (Graham Bankville) speak in Russian, I do not like it, just placing the English translation of the conversation on a loudspeaker. The actor said Russian is great, but I think it is unnecessary and confusing. Thank God, this is just a brief exchange.

However, for me, there is very little loophole in this work (for the record, this is my first reference to the donut, this is not an easy task), I suggest you to see if you Once thought, Kingston can. Like a box of donuts, I’m sorry to see it ending.


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