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For every Halloween fanatic, there are a lot of low-key people who hate the idea of full-featured clothing.

This is perfectly fine. Not everyone needs to plan their clothing a few months in advance, go to the local craft store to buy HAM, and provide a range of savvy pop culture references that will shock everyone. But even those who prefer to stay in their pajamas at home on October 31 may experience FOMO because they missed the holiday (or at least the parties) – this inevitably leads to the last moment of a pair of cat ears, It is a day.
Why not make a little preparation this year? Fashionable outfits are made with items that the wardrobe already knows and loves – a.k.a no “sexy” spandex will be found here – but still completely low maintenance.

Although some may require a little explanation, at least they don’t need any hot glue, wigs or wings; meaning you can wear them again after 10/31. Click on our ideas, who knows? This time you can even dress up a little fun.


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