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KGUN 9 At your side, the Arizona Athletics Team is proud to be nominated for the 2017 Circle K Outstanding Senior School Teacher Award.

Meet Robert Cannon at Canyon Del Oro High School. Mr. Cannon teaches theater art.

“I like busy, no two days is the same, they are different, they are eager to get ready, want to do the project work, want to keep busy.

Cannons are passionate about drama and his students do not get enough classes.

Mr. Cannon said: “Some children are actually going to school for my class, just make me feel great.

Behind the scenes, you will find a lot of props and a lot of Halloween Costumes Outlet.

Cannon said: “There are wigs, ties and belts on shelves and shelves worth 40 to 50 years.

These Halloween Costumes Outlet are not only used in the classroom. Mr. Cannon has several plays each year that keep his students busy.

Mr. Cannon said he is honored to be the final nine nominees for the 2017 Circle K of the Year’s Best Teacher Award.

Cannon said: “It’s great to be recognized. I am very grateful to my headmaster for naming me. I was surprised that it was great. I’m just a dramatist.


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