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Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House wants to ensure that all children have a chance to attend Christmas this year. The popular restaurant once again collaborates with the Homelessness and Housing Alliance to bring back the Fill Truck program and collect presents for children in the area.

Three years ago, Casey Kent of Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House organized a Pisa party at Opportunity Place in Fort Walton Beach, when children showed off their Halloween clothing.

“The little child told me about his Halloween costume, and he is proud of that,” she said. “Then we found out that many children in shelters had no clothes, so that year we started Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

One thing led to another, and it was not until the same year that Kent knew that there was a lack of money in “toy promotions,” and there was no Christmas gift for children unless someone acted.

Kent said: “The deadline for the toy is over, so I came back to work and talked to Miller Phillips, owner of Bossier. Within 30 minutes we came up with the idea of ​​filling a truck.

Communities have been generous, and Boscombe has been an annual tradition since “full of trucks.”

Last year was by far the largest year. We got three U-Hauls filled with toys, “Kent said.” We hope to do this again this year! ”

Maggie Tomecek, homeless and housing union vice-chairman, said the partnership with the truck was a huge help for the not-for-profits during Christmas.

“Before we partnered with Boshamps we worked with Angel Trees and the tree was so fragmented that it was hard to work together,” she said. “Working with Casey and Bossham enabled us to reach out to more families .

Tomecek said: “We are very grateful for their donations.”

Fill the truck Accept any new open toys, no matter the price point, this year there are more key teens.

Kent said: “This year we are trying to give teenagers a gift card.” “You are now amazed how many unaccompanied high school students in our area.”

Boshamps toy drivers accept cash and gift cards, grocery stores and even fuel cards from regional department stores such as Walmart and Target.

Kent said: “We are working with Fort Walton Beach and Qiao Huadi high school guidance consultants, so that young people put gift cards.

Both Kent and Tomecek agree that the heart of Filling The Truck is making sure children or teens in the Emerald Coast have no gifts at Christmas.

“It’s the most valuable part to see the faces of children,” Kent said. “One year we sent toys in the church and a homeless family came out of the woods. The kids are really conservative, but we say ‘pick out a toy’ and their face is just lit up.


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