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Torso or treatment, costume parties and quail eggs are all part of the celebrations that Midlanders enjoyed during Halloween.

– The Midland Fire Department hosts its annual main event on Wall Street near Central Station. Activities include bean bag toss, football throws, haunted houses, cupcake walks and jump shots. The children walked from a booth to a booth to participate in the event.

The regional organization’s booth settings include Courtyard Family Practice, Midland County 911, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Texas Hold’em, Taco Villa, Rosa and Midland Mama’s blog.

– Despite the cold and rain, the children are on the streets on Halloween night. In a community, the children enjoyed fresh popcorn, which popped out of the porch. Nearby, the movie “Cocoa” is played on the garage door, and the “Movie Spectator” sits on a chair in the driveway.

In another house, the homeowner and their friends liked to take out the candy from the trunks of several vintage cars on display.

The band of the Mariachi band also welcomes food lovers on the street.

– “Cleopatra’s Court” is the theme of Victoria Printz and Bob Bintliff’s 3rd Annual Halloween Ball at The Ballroom Studio.

Participants are encouraged to donate to the successful clothing of the Permian Basin with professional clothing for gentle use. Guests can enjoy spiced meatballs, Caprese sticks, wings, a variety of cheeses, beverages, sweets and a variety of desserts, including bespoke Cleopatra biscuits.

One of the highlights of the evening was that Printz changed from her Cleopatra costume to a beautiful blue prom dress and performed a well-designed dance with professional dancer Giorgi Khmiadashvili.


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