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In the past few years, the number of television content has been unprecedented, mainly from new streaming services and channels. However, the scale of this year’s TV stations is getting bigger and bigger, more and more products debut, and many TV shows are pushed to the higher (more expensive) level.

However, there are still some series that really stand out in a crowded place. It’s our favorite here, bringing the audience of Music Street in West Covina, CA, to the afterlife and to the wars in Westeros.

Crazy ex girlfriend

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the perfect accompaniment to the most fun, intriguing and well-crafted TV series every week, as well as creating spaces for every episode of original musicals. The CW series has always been very ambitious, but the third season focused on the protagonist’s mental health, once again enhance its position.

Good place

The first season of the series was just over and ended with a thrilling game that was clearer, more funnier and cleverer in the second grade, a philosophical experiment and a prolific double feed of food By. Its humor is broad, wordy, and visual, and Ted Danson is the most striking feature of his performance.

size lies

It has a movie star, film director Jean-Marc Wallée and the big novel behind it, but Big Little Lies is one of the most visually stunning and popular TV productions of the year one.

Brooklyn nine – nine

Fox sitcoms have always been willing to abandon its formula, but this year is even further because of the erroneous imprisonment of two roles. In such a different environment, the series maintains a high tone, sharp comments and jokes density, is a testimony to the actors and writers.

No sense of security

Issa Rae’s second season of sitcoms tries to improve the first of a crazy success by letting its protagonists explore her life beyond relationships and deepen the people around her. The highlight of the season is Molly played by Yvonne Orji, and his rugged, self-discovered journey is exciting.

BoJack horsemen

Netflix’s Hollywood satirical work is about the most melancholy and deepest series of cartoon horses you’ll want to watch, finding relaxed space in the fourth quarter. Its absurdly humorous and harsh social satire (gunpoint themed episode is especially memorable) works with subtle characters.

One time a day

In January, this potentially overlooked jewel debuted on Netflix, but it started a strong year of television. Norman Lear’s latest adaptation of classic sitcoms in the 1970s is one of the few examples.

maid’s story

Margaret Attwood’s seminal work on feminism has thrived on Hulu this year, becoming a phenomenon that has stirred memes, political protests and Wholesale Halloween Costumes. But in all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget the depth and visuals of the Emmy-winning series. It sometimes extends itself, but is always based on the luxurious performance of Elizabeth Moss.

Jane Virgin

Earlier this year, Jane Virgin passed an absolute reward in killing Gina Rodriguez’s husband, Brett Dier, and for three years.

throne game

Beautiful, epic, and occasionally maddening, The Game of Thrones Season 7 played a role in transcending its own phenomena and did a great deal of work for its great actors and focused on the details. This is not the best season in the series, but it is the most ambitious.


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