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Cosplay is gaining popularity around the world and in conferences. I personally found that having fun and personal confidence in doing cosplay at the conference was great, and the number one reason I started was with my son. My goal is to talk to parents and families with all the configuration and skill levels on GeekDad, where they play role-playing and spotlights!

Cosplay Home Spotlight is a new regular clip I interviewed and focused on a role playing family. This week, I interviewed the Douglas family.

Interested in participating? Post a comment here, or contact me at Cheap Halloween Costumes.

How did you and your family get into role-playing and props / armor making? Is there a specific member started? Or are you both jumping in? What is your first role-play?

My wife and I have always hated. We attended the meeting, built the armor, and did a great deal of work. Ten years ago, we became adoptive parents. Through this program, we adopted four amazing children. The birthday of our largest child is November 1, so an annual birthday party for our family made a bigger deal, almost always including clothing. When young children enter our homes, they see their clothes and want their clothes. Soon, I accepted the request in June / July, so I can finish everyone’s halloween costume on time!

Children compete with each other, who is the coolest clothing of the year, they are definitely my most important fans. They did not point out the mistake of screen accuracy, or the Iron Man’s clothes actually fly, and I did not.

Do you have a favorite cosplay? As a family, your favorite bunch of cosplay?

Seven years ago, a week before Halloween, I approached my four-year-old man and demanded to become a man of iron. I really want to try this complicated thing, so I said he was a ninja. Two weeks after Halloween, I started making his Mark III outfit. After 11 months, I completed his lawsuit. This set of clothes enhances the bar, the next few years to see the costumes we make, from predators, hiccups, Hulkbuster, Ghostbusters, and armored Batman.

Speaking of group roleplaying, are you always trying to role-play? Or do you all do your own thing?

Every year, children provide clothes according to their own requirements. So far, they have not yet picked the characters from one genre / movie / show. Because of this, we have not done any set of cosplays.

Do you have your favorite piece of work challenging you?

I think every piece of clothing my child chooses for Halloween represents her own challenge. I think this is why I really like this hobby. It challenges me to try out new materials, use new tools and try different techniques. The first glass fiber helmet I made for my son’s Iron Man costume was my first use of these materials. I am now working with Pepakura, fiberglass, EVA foam, PVC, wood, metal, electronics, 3D printing and more.

But my biggest challenge was putting on my friend Iron Giant clothing nine feet high. It will be my first costume design for adults and I really want to showcase the materials and techniques that I have been using for years. But the scale itself is a huge challenge. It will be a very interesting project to work on!

What is your favorite “mid-sized” job (sewing, EVA foam, resin casting, etc.)?

EVA foam is my current favorite medium. It is easy to use, light and cheap. Anyone who wants to test clothing or props should try it out!

It has been a while since, but I’ve done quite a bit of modeling and I’ve found that small buildings and pillars have many similarities to armored building techniques. Have you ever done any scale modeling or smaller scale construction?

I’m making a folded pair of wings for my son’s Falcon outfit and I’m using FoamedPVP. I’ve never cut so much styrene-like material before, and the tip of my finger has now been pressed on the Exacto knife for hours. So, although I do not do exemplary work, but I have a new understanding of your work!

Most of our readers are parents, like me, wanting to share their curiosity with their children. Since he was born, I have been my father and son together. Do you have any suggestions for parents how to make children interested in cosplay and production?

At the same time as I make clothes, children have their own room in their own studios with materials, tools and even video game consoles (so they feel comfortable when I wear a suit and I’m surprised at their creation Power and desire to build and do things. Kids learn by watching, and I think it’s a great thing to build something for your kids. Participate in building and creating model creativity, problem solving and perseverance for your kids, these They are wonderful properties to follow.

“Being a freak is not about what you love, but how you love it,” this is the new geek mantra. In addition to role-playing, what else can you think you are a freak it?

I am a big fan of Star Wars and Tolkien and also a space nut. As the traveler passes through our solar system, I may grow up.

My oldest is World of Warcraft artists and fanatics / fans. My sons love Hallett pottery and animation (they even prefer subtitle versions so they can hear the original sound talent). And my youngest daughter has not really fallen on her own. She currently loves to follow all other favorite fans.

Do you have any upcoming conventions for your schedule where people can see you?

We just attended Fan Boy Expo in Knoxville. We had an explosion and it was a pleasure to have some of my special effects hero admire my seven year old baby Groot costume. Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis were great, even taking short films of my daughter’s dances in short skirts. The video is a bit of a virus and there are over 8 million comments right now. So as an extra bonus, we got a teachable moment as we talked to each child about how to handle the attention (positive and negative) coming from the Internet. For children who grew up in the digital age, it is important to understand the importance and responsibility of their online behavior and the importance of staying true to life.

We are likely to attend the local TriCity and Fan Boy’s Summer 2018 Fair in November and if Iron Giant is ready, we may be back to Dragon * Con in the fall of 2018.


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