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According to Fox News, Donald Trump’s clothing is ridiculous, like black or Nazi Nazi symbols as offended.

Fox New Star opened an angry machine on Sunday, responding to a university instruction, advising students to avoid wearing a symbol of paranoia and hatred as part of Halloween Costumes Outlet.

A guide to the magazine published by students at Ohio State University uses a flow chart of tongue blush to help students determine whether Halloween costumes fit.

In those clothes that are considered inappropriate: any frogs that relate to sheepskin, black face, or pepe.

Most people with a sense of integrity will agree that playing in the recent tragedy or wearing clothing wearing oats or black faces is offended and should be avoided. Most people who have a sense of humor will notice that the clothing guide is sarcastic.

But Fox News is just selling people panic, so the concept of humor and thoughtful will be lost in them.

Ohio State University publishes guidelines to help students avoid offensive Halloween costumes.

According to Fox, if the clothing ridicule Donald Trump is acceptable, then the symbol of paranoia and hatred should also be acceptable.

“The signature of the Fox article states:” The white man must avoid any other cultural headdress, but others may be included in the clothing. “This is a very dissatisfied feeling, some people in the whole culture are not any sense of humor.

When “any funny president is good”, this article begins to discuss the idea of ​​prohibiting symbols related to genocide.

As part of the lead in Fox and Friends, Cabot Phillips, media director at Campus, ridiculously played the opponent’s clothing as an “oppressive level” and insisted that “offended” “On the left and the university campus has a special status.”

“It’s not for the real world to prepare the students,” he was worried.


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